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tEwesday nEwes

Quiet and serene
Is this color scheme
Like the car we are buying
Though my son keeps on trying
‘Dodge Charger great price’

The price was the same
And it does seem a shame
Could we be so daring?
At the cars we were staring,
Ford Escape just nice.


If the garage with the Dodge had been any closer we would have been wild and got it but my car is on its last legs and we just didn’t have time to go out there last night especially having left my son at baseball. He got a lift home. With Phil going away today we made a quick decision and were sensible. I think I would have felt a right berk driving everywhere in a charger. I’ll probably regret it waah!

Would you drive a charger?

Do you think this sheep would drive a Dodge Charger?

Happy tEwesday!

Etsy Tips for Beginners and Healthy Breakfast

I know, super odd combo but creative types at home need to eat healthy. It’s so hard to leave those chips alone when they are right there all the time.

This is a great video for new to Etsy folks:

I’m doing most of those but I keep forgetting to find a great source for the stiff mailers. Still need to get on that. For now when I get an order for a print I can grab one from the post office. The local Staples only has enormous ones so they are no good. Amazon might be my best bet. The corrugated cardboard I would for now just rip up a box we have lying around. Maybe Amazon sells boxes of card I’ll find out.

I swapped my kettle bell with my friend today who has a slightly heavier one so watch this space. I’ll probably drop it on my foot ;0). I keep swapping between smoothies for breakfast and two eggs. You can get real bored with breakfasts so I went looking on YouTube for a more interesting one and came across this:

Brad Gouthro has the best fitness advice. Would you eat that for breakfast? I feel a poem coming on:

Kettle bells
Bacon smells
Chocolate yells
Scale tells

Hee hee Happy creating!


Quality over Quantity

It’s a bit scary writing that. Don’t expect gallery worthy masterpieces all of a sudden lol. I just think, and so does Phil, that instead of doing a whole bunch of sheep, I should try and do one really good one.

Am I ready for that though? You are probably familiar with Lindsay The Frugal Crafter and The Art Sherpa. I have watched YouTube videos of both of theirs this week. The Frugal Crafter in particular painted a very detailed sheep scene with a proper landscape back ground and everything 😉

And while I am on the quality over quantity, it’s a great idea to watch a tonne of these ladies in action on their YouTube channels. I don’t know why I haven’t invested more time watching them. Maybe I’ve been searching for specific things instead of going right through their videos. Quite a fun winter project and as a double bonus I shall try to watch them from the treadmill – bonus!

What do you watch on YouTube?

Happy Friday!





I’ve been under the weather this week so I’ll just leave you with something nice and peaceful and sheepy 😉

Make some noise at the weekend! The kids will be it’s a P.A. day tomorrow. That’s why I’m posting early. Have a good one!




How to Paint a Sheep in Oils

20160822_062807Sheep are a-plenty

Bleating out of sync

But life without them on the hills

Is boring. Don’t you think?


Ever wanted to paint one in oils? Here is a video to show you how:

I can’t remember if I’ve already shared these. If anyone wants to paint them feel free:


Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨


Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

There’s a few tips in here I didn’t know. If you are starting out with oil painting, this is great advice:

Happy Sunday!

Catherine 💙🎨


5 words

  • PicsArt_05-05-12.19.20



While fate is on your side

The other day I had a great day out with a friend and her daughter but on the way home there was a crazy car crash just a few cars up from us.  I’ve just found out a woman died and 6 went to hospital. So glad we didn’t see it happen. That must be quite traumatic. Poor family now missing their mum.

Makes me feel guilty about the silly things you fret about like pricing packaging and shipping paintings. There’s lots of info out there about shipping big paintings to art galleries but not so much for average joe 10×8 ones. If you provide insurance too you’d barely cover your costs. No wonder so many only sell prints.

I’ll get there one day. Until then I am going to join some local art groups and see what they have to say. The cashier at the supermarket reckons there’s an art group right here in Kingsville. As soon as I have any great pearls of wisdom I’ll share them here.😁

And now for some fun:


I actually did a bit more to this painting after the video:


Pineapple or palm tree?

A prickly decision

A tropical delight

May 1st is usually a sad day for me. It’s the anniversary of the death of Ayrton Senna (F1 driver).

 For the first time in 22 years it has a new significance. Two lovely things are happening on Sunday to change my memory of this date forever.

Firstly, it’s my daughter’s First Communion (I arrived late to a meeting and didn’t get a choice on the date) and secondly and just as sweet, it’s Sylvia Liu’s official launch day for her debut Picture Book, A Morning with Grandpa. So thank you both for turning a sad date into a sweet one.

I think a lot about starting late at dreams (like Sylvia talks about today) and it gives you hope. As long as fate is on your side.

Take care everyone!

Catherine 💙🎨





Sheep with Beards



The beard page is from that Pen and Ink Drawing book.


I thought I’d have a go on a sheep.


Try it, it’s fun!

So is this:



Yoga or Collapsed Sheep?


I’m betting this sheep can’t get up again. It’s been at least a week since I did yoga so I’m off to do it right now.

It’s so liberating to switch up your priorities every now and again. I wonder if the guitar will come out today too.

Yoga anyone? Please go to YouTube and watch the Ghandi one. I couldn’t post it here it has a bit of swearing in unfortunately.

This one is just really silly

Have a great day!