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Selling Art From Your Website

Hi folks,

I had a wild idea to sell art from my website. I am not techie at all so I went straight to YouTube and I only went and found a video about installing your Etsy shop to WordPress. Hmm. Not exactly what I was looking for but for now I’ll keep my options open. If you already have an Etsy shop have you considered this?:

There are loads of these if the sound is too low on this one.

A much more daring endeavour is to quit Etsy and simply add the Paypal button to your website. Really good tutorial for that here:

I’m going to think about if for a couple more days and then go for it. Like my crazy hair lol.

I’ve gone from this:

to this:

The roots were coming through and it wasn’t good. Too bad I kind of miss the blonde already.

So anyone else doing anything brave?

Happy creating!