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Barns and Trees

Red barns give the eye a fun resting place. And they look great in cartoons.

Small barns/farm houses in the distance add character to a scene. You don’t need too many details when its in the distance.

The next checklist (though I haven’t finished with barns) is to try some abstract trees and sheep.

Collage is calling me too. What is calling you?

Blessings to Paris today x

Misty Poem

Thanks to Susie Lindau I discovered it is World Poetry Day today. One must not pass that up.

Go read Susie’s great poem here and then please follow #WorldPoetryDay on Twitter. (There are some quite funny political ones (say no more ;)).

I took some cool photos of the mist this morning.

The mist through the trees matched the wonder in her heart.

Be brave and put a one line poem on Twitter.

Happy World Poetry Day!


A Reason to Smile



O is for Onomatopoeia

Today is O for Onomatopoeia and author Kari-Lynn Winters is telling us all about it and her new book over on Rena’s blog today.

Were asked to write about something we have seen today and my first thought was an amazing shadow of two branches touching, except that is the most silent thing there is, completely opposite to onomatopoeia (yikes did I have to write that again). So I’ve written two again, like you haven’t got anything else to do today but read my poems 🙂

Trees at dawn
Two twisty walking sticks in a sword fight,
the shadows of neighbouring branches hold hands.

Hannah on the stairs
Drip, drip, drop, splash!
plop, drop, drip, splash!
Plip, plop, slap, splash!
Hannah on the stairs.

(pictures from July 2010)