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Tree poem


Climb a tree

Lean against one

Walk beneath one

Be the tree.



Have a great weekend!


#inktober Tree


I tried to combine tree with sheep. I should have done eyes about to pop outor something.

Come for a fling
On this swing

Any tree poems?

Happy weekend!

Catherine 🎨


Tree #Naturedoodlewash

Here’s a quick tree done without a reference:


Someone did an amazing doodlewash of a tree the other day. Sorry I’ve forgotten who it was. Anyway I do have a reference photo of a great tree so soon I shall try it. This will do for today. Blame too much fun at the weekend and the quiche I’ve said I’ll make for a school lunch leaving do.

Who knows what rubbish I’ll churn when I’ve got the kids at home. In some ways I might havemore time. No more school runs.

I need to carve out some playtime for these bargains I got on Saturday on the way to the movies. Yay for Michaels!


Put some color in your day!

Catherine 💙🎨


Macro Monday: Burl or Knot?

So, does anyone know what these are called? Could it be a burl or a knot?

The photo could have been more macro but I didn’t think that was as interesting. I like the surrounding wood. It looks like a bowl or a plate from a long time ago.


Has anyone seen this marking on a tree?

Round and around

Protected at its borders

A plaque with no words

© Catherine Johnson, 2016


Have a great week!


#Inktober Day 3: Dan Carter, Tree and Pete the Cat

What a mix! What a great game yesterday. I am so grateful that the hockey arena had cable so I could watch the game.

Here is a terrible portrait of Dan Carter doing the haka:

I toned down the shading by using a white pen over the top:
Dan 2

So I decided to have a go at a tree too and then I saw potential for faces in the white space. Isn’t it fun finding faces in things. I’ve always done it.

H had a go and I think she did great but she is her harshest critic and she suddenly stopped and stomped off. How funny.

That’s enough ink for today. Have a great day!


Be like a tree

When the leaves flap and bristle,
A cacophony of castanets,
the branches strain,
and the trunk pulls on the roots,
Stand tall and strong,
Remember to breathe.

Catherine Johnson, 2012.

via Google Images


Be like a tree.

Put down your roots in the warm earth.

Allow room for your branches to spread out.

Don’t fluster when the wind attacks and the leaves flutter.

Unless of course:







or this:















Have you read the very beautiful A Leaf Can Be by Laura Purdie Salas?