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Summer Break

Wishing everyone a fab summer as colorful as this artwork. I’m going to have a blogging break. I’ll return in September. I’ll still post the art I make on Instagram. Have a good one!

Rock Hard



For a laugh I was going to call this post rock hard abs but who knows who might come along if I did that lol. We always intended on calling in at a rock shop while we were in Blackpool, but I didn’t realise what an experience it would be.

There was one guy, though I think he said there used to be another one and then just his mum helping him make the rock and one or two servers behind the till. It was a long, narrow shop with all sorts of flavors of rock and some very funny writing in the rock (seriously check out each part before your kids start reading lol).

Too bad I’ve forgotten his name, here he is in action:

the at work workout
lugging around a sugar lump
rock hard pecs

(squeezing in a haiku ’cause it’s Poetry Friday!)

This is his mum who showed us the chopping machine so we got to see it get chopped into little pieces:

And this is the other end where you put the big slab of rock in to be stretched:

It was so similar to say watching a top artist in their studio on YouTube. I was hooked watching. That little rock shop sells rock all around the world and they are not even on Twitter lol.

There is a set time when he is making the rock right there in front of a line of people. He seemed very sociable. The only other workers I’ve seen that close were the glass blowers at a cool railway in New Zealand and a sculptor in a building in Christchurch. It’s such a thrill to watch them do their thing. I found it very inspiring.

Anybody been to Blackpool and tried rock before? Been inspired by anyone this summer?Next Friday I’ll share the Blackpool Tower photos.

Happy Friday!


Summoo Break

Time to recharge the old batteries

20160628_124625~2Learn some new tricks


As a calf it looked scary. So I added some width and all different colors:


Sock monkey?

The next one looks like the Darth Vader of cows:


That’s me at the end of the holidays after 5000 of kids squabbling 😂


Have a great summer and enjoy Watercolor month. I’ll post mine on Instagram. I won’t have internet in UK so I can’t commit to it every day. I look forward to seeing everyone else’s paintings.

Happy creating!

Catherine 💙🎨


Countdown to Summer and World Watercolor Month

I always find the last few days before the kids break up for summer so weird and unproductive. A mild panic sets in. I ask myself questions like ‘What will I not be able to do for the rest of the summer that I should squeeze in quickly?’

One thing for sure is to go out to lunch with Phil 💙

Last year I was so surprised at how often I got to paint, early but not too early, mornings. This time I fancy practising my drawing skills with pencil and pen.

Whether or not I’ll have time to do mamy watercolors for World Watercolor Month time will tell.

Thanks to Jill and my scrapbooking leftovers, mixed media is never far from my mind. I quickly added a simple boat to an old painting just to play around a bit. I’ll try newspaper next.

The lady at the pet shop gave me a grwat idea for next year’s Art at the Marina. I should find another artist and go halves. Great tip!

What would you do before the kids break up?

Have a great day!

Catherine 💙🎨


Baa! It’s hot



One a Day: Abstract Summer


Brightening a Monday with vibrant colors. I keep thinking I could easily adapt the red to be poppies but there are a lot of poppy pictures about. Hmm…

I’m way ahead of myself because I went on a bit of a painting spree yesterday so maybe this week should be a fitness spree 😉

Happy Monday!


One a Day: Hot Air Balloon Poem


Not yet ready to put my feet down on Autumn’s ground,

I grab summer’s colors,

Cotton and thread,

And make my own quilt,

Extending summer as

I drift over sunsets.


One a Day: Snail


Snail takes his time
To add some color by
Slurping through a tunnel of paint
Slow yet vibrant he makes his mark.

Happy Monday!


Baarmy Meditating

IMG_20150721_055127‘Did someone say meditate or medicate?’


Hammock Time



It’s time to slip on the flipflops, paint like there’s no tomorrow, laugh like a hyena and create some summer memories. Who’s with me?

I hereby declare a blogging break until September. 

Let the rejuvenating begin. Have a wonderful summer everyone!