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Happy tEwesday!

Take time under the trees today
To learn, live, laugh and play.


Mabel’s Poor Pour

(Mabel by H)

Add a color


Add another


Learning all the time and that’s what matters. I discovered I can use lots of different colors on one big piece of bubblewrap either altogether or separately over many paintings thus saving paint to make up for the pouring disasters. (woah that was a long sentence)

Here’s the bubblewrap ones. So easy. Do have a go.

Happy creating! 🎨


Hockey Abstract and First Stamp

For the blue streaks, which is supposed to be a bit like the ice, I used a fairly wide bristled brush. I used a ruler to do the posts and some netting from the satsuma box for the hockey net which I made bigger than the posts for a more abstract (and easier ;)) look.

To be completely handmade on the stamping front I guess a sharp knife is needed, but the tools you get in the Speedball Block Printing Kit are way quicker and easier to carve out stamps.

So my recommendation for beginners to stamping is get a few tools and practise on erasers. Here is my first stamp, a tree:

There are tonnes of ideas for stamps on Pinterest. I’ve started a stamping board with my favorites.

I bought a big plank of wood which I will chop into smaller blacks. I just need to find a cheap source of linoleum.
I got one block in the Speedball kit which I might cut in half but I’m saving that for after I’ve practised a bit.

Tip: Before you even buy a tool, scribble some stamp ideas down or print off copyright free clipart so you know which stamps you like.

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨


Dolphin’s Passport #haiku

Here’s a couple more pages from the #artmarks30daychallenge:

There aren’t many marks on this, I was going for the minimalist look. Quite by accident it’s rather dreamy and looks a bit from outer space.

This one is completely different and looks like a dolphin’s passport or something. I feel a poem coming on.

Dolphin’s Passport


Enough nautical miles swum

For a stamp from every sucker

On an Octopus’s tentacle.


For those of you on Instagram, here’s a few cool art journalers to follow:







The next post will be about making your own stamps with things around the house.

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨




Stamping Fun

So here’s a couple of art journal pages from the #artmarks30daychallenge:

I stamped the whole page before adding anything else. Now I think it’s too stampy and the composition is rubbish. Composition practise is the nearest I’ll come to having a New Year’s resolution. I do like the paper sheep but with a busy background as well they are too much. Do you agree? I used my daughter’s stamps and some kids’ paint she doesn’t want.

This is upside down and I actually prefer the composition but now the sheep is upside down. This is the advantage to pure abstract you can turn them around any way after they are done. Most of this is done with brusho watercolors.

Today’s page was done early because it’s my birthday and I have fun stuff planned (lunch out and a movie later 👌😀)so here it is:

I discovered this great mixed media artist a couple of days ago and she makes beautiful art journal pages. I haven’t watched this entire video I jumped to different places but it is very cool. It makes me want to add things to my art supply shopping list 😉

Happy creating!
Catherine 🙂