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Inktober Round up

That was a fun month of sketches. I whipped up this collage but I’m sure there’s lots of sheep missing. Maybe they went for a stroll.


Happy Halloween!


#inktober2016 Flight and Fight


Fight for the right.


Flee with glee.


Soar for more.


Dine with a giant.

It’s been an interesting few days for the sheep and an interesting few days for my youngest. She ended up with a bit of a stick stuck in her cheek and the wait at the hospital was 6 hours. It was after midnight when we got home.

She’s fine now but I wish I’d just googled what to do like you do for everything else. Note to self get stocked up on butterfly stitches just in case.

On a more fun note it’s my bff’s 40th this week (yesterday) and she has a day off so we are going shopping yay!

A small deviation from hockey and painting. I feel like a real Canadian now I’m so into hockey.

Anyway back to sheep. Who can whip up a poem with any of these images?

Sometimes you aim for a poem and end up with a caption and that’s okay.

Have a great weekend!

Catherine 🎨






#Inktober2016 Day 4 Hungry


I saw a variation of this on the internet and thought it was perfect for hungry. Better than my first (applecore attempt) although I should have sketched the front sheep before doing the hay bale.


Here’s the prompt list for those who want to join in:


Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨



Muhammed Ali


R.I.P the great Muhammed Ali.

Check out Nina’s arty tribute too.

Catherine 💙🎨


Baa! It’s hot



Draw a #Bird Day: Canada Goose

As a stroke of luck, I sketched a goose a couple of days ago, so I’m using that for draw a bird day.


I used a copyright free photo for the reference. You’d think I’d have my own by now living here but I’ve only gotten this close:


This is just down the road. When we went to Barrie with my parents we got quite close to them on the beach. My mum painted the photo:


I love the honk honk when they fly over.

Look out for all the other birds around the blogosphere today.

Happy creating!


Polar Bear

Polar Bear


There’s something about Polar Bears that is quite magical. They are strong and silent.

At the zoo once I felt some real polar bear fur. It was hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

They are quite scary creatures which makes this video quite a nice surprise:

Happy creating!



Sweet Dog Shelter Story

I was so touched by this sweet story I had to share it today.


Happy Sunday!



Drawing and Buckets

I didn’t get very far with my drawing. I blame hockey and yoga 😉


WP has chopped his head off!

My daughter is learning about filling your bucket and not dipping into other people’s buckets.

Saturday seems a great day to fill buckets. We’ll have to wait a while before it’s with sand.

We’re off to see Zootopia then we’ve got friends coming. I’m thinking Saturday is becoming an art free fill your bucket kind of day.

If I do get some art time maybe I’ll paint a bucket. How are you going to fill your bucket today?

Happy Saturday!



Portrait Practise

Okay so the rest of March I’m going to practise drawing.

Here is my son. I’ll do a full length for tomorrow:

20160303_184545Happy creating! 🎨 (more…)