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Draw a Bird Day

Thanks to Teresa I know it’s draw a bird day today so I threw this together because that is my favorite challenge. Better a naff bird than no bird 🐦.


It’s a bit dark. Throw some snow at it.

Next time I shall spend way more time on it and paint one.

Any bird suggestions for next time?

Draw a Bird Day!

Swooping in at the last minute with a two minute birdie.


Sometimes it’s better when there’s no time to think.

Have a great day!

Catherine 🎨


Ewe Knews


Introducing a new news segment today folks. Ewe News will be every Monday and it would be fun if the news reader had a name. Any suggestions?

On with the news. Ms. Ewe (I will call her for now. Looks more like a guy but I forgot horns 😉) doesn’t like to report the worst news it brings her out in a rash so we endeavor to only share interesting/funny stuff.

Today’s news is about a cat who thinks she’s a sheep and becomes their leader.

That’s all the news we have this week. See ewe next Monday for more Ewe Knews.

Have a great week!

Catherine 🐑🎨


Muhammed Ali


R.I.P the great Muhammed Ali.

Check out Nina’s arty tribute too.

Catherine 💙🎨


That Wednesday Look


Could it be Wednesday?
Let’s all four wheel it over
the hump in the week


ESPN where are you?


We recently switched from cable t.v.to satellite. The menu is crazy! I don’t think we have ESPN (breathes into paper bag).

Tennis was on TSN but now has gone over to ESPN and a new tennis station which is extra (I may have to get that ;)).

Just a tad frustrated 😖 lol

Anyone else watching tennis?


Sheep Scribbles



As I get organised for Christmas sending out parcels and cards to England I’m going to do scribbles in the car for blog posts for a bit.

I’m actually tidying up some problem areas in the house for a change too and I’ve just been to the dentist.

I often wondered how illustrators are so good at doing characters but after one particular scribble I thought the hair would look good as a Scottish cap so he’s now a Scottish sheep.

You don’t have to know before you start what it’s going to be.

Happy Creating!


Skull for #drawlloween


It would be fun to try a skull in mixed media some time.

I feel like I could have done something more intricate. Must be getting lazy 😉

Anyone think of a skull poem?


#Inktober #drawlloween Frankenstein’s Monster

There is no more interesting character than Frankenstein’s monster and after seeing that as the #drawloween prompt today I had to join in. Next year I’ll know to join from the start and actually have a theme running 😉

I love this painting of Frankenstein’s monster I found on Pinterest so that was my muse.


I never know when to stop painting but I seem to have a better grasp on when to stop drawing. Here it is a bit earlier:

Notice if you don’t get the proportions and likeness right at the start you’ve got no chance later on.

I fancy painting a Frankenstein monster some time. Check out more at #drawlloween.


#Inktober Day 9: Otter


I’ve saved some cute animal pics from Pinterest and the kids begged me to draw this otter first.



Isn’t it great after a week or so I think I’m confident to sketch in pen without pencil first in future.

Encourage your kids to do the same. I saw some great artwork on the walls at school yesterday. Kids portraits made up of words. I wonder how they move the words around. I must investigate.

Happy Friday!