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Going Scruffy

This was a mix of scribbly oil pastels and scribbly digital art. I seem to be really going off paintbrushes so I’ll have to try my hand at pouring paint and mix it with oil pastels or something.

I was a naughty mum the other day. Matthew has been waiting and waiting for a fidget spinner for the longest time (hold up at Canada Post) so when I got a package I didn’t unpack it. I thought it was the fidget spinner and let him open it after school. Big oops he was so disappointed. It was my lino that I finally ordered for my big plank of wood. I’m going to make stamps (If I dare use the tools after slicing my finger open last time).

Note to self: Secretly open package and glue back together when I’m sure lol. p.s. He used his own money to buy something similar from the shop. It’s a cube with things to move on it.

So next week I shall show you guys some new stamps. For now I am beavering away at the kitchen cabinets that we are repainting. Five stages of work for each one. No wonder I’m in a scribbly mood. What mood are you in?

Happy Creating!

Eye see Ewe


Eye suppose ewe’ve guessed whose eye I am.

Have a great Saturday! 🐑


Yoga or Collapsed Sheep?


I’m betting this sheep can’t get up again. It’s been at least a week since I did yoga so I’m off to do it right now.

It’s so liberating to switch up your priorities every now and again. I wonder if the guitar will come out today too.

Yoga anyone? Please go to YouTube and watch the Ghandi one. I couldn’t post it here it has a bit of swearing in unfortunately.

This one is just really silly

Have a great day!




I was doing alright until I tried the face. A two year old could have done it better.

It’s a lot easier with an art app and those fonts that are a bit blurry.

I’m a bit closer to having an Etsy shop. I’m so unfamiliar with the bank terms here that I had to get a print out and explanation of all the different codes I need to get paid on Etsy. It might be up and running by the end of the week 😀.

As soon as it is, I’ll share some general basics of things to consider when opening a shop.

Happy creating!


Chinese New Year Sheep Late Edition ;)


Maybe he’s not late, maybe he’s still eating. It’s so yummy!


Pancake Day!


Is everyone eating pancakes today?

I just spent the morning handing them out to school kids at church. Fun! Fun!


Singing Sheep


I feel like I’ve seen this sheep before. But where? Anyway Sundays are for singing 😵🎶


ESPN where are you?


We recently switched from cable t.v.to satellite. The menu is crazy! I don’t think we have ESPN (breathes into paper bag).

Tennis was on TSN but now has gone over to ESPN and a new tennis station which is extra (I may have to get that ;)).

Just a tad frustrated 😖 lol

Anyone else watching tennis?