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Misty Poem

Thanks to Susie Lindau I discovered it is World Poetry Day today. One must not pass that up.

Go read Susie’s great poem here and then please follow #WorldPoetryDay on Twitter. (There are some quite funny political ones (say no more ;)).

I took some cool photos of the mist this morning.

The mist through the trees matched the wonder in her heart.

Be brave and put a one line poem on Twitter.

Happy World Poetry Day!

Beach House Paintings

Today I handed over 6 paintings for my friend’s beach house. It was pretty nerve-wracking doing so many and not wanting to mess them up.

Here’s what they looked like early on:

And left aside for a bit they were then ready for a bit of a makeover:

I’d never tried painting or even drawing flip flops before. I accidentally made the top half too wide. They might just haunt me lol.

Specialist Feet Flip Flops

Whose feet are they
That fit snug in such ghastly shoes?
Surely one ought to cover such magnificent beasts more profoundly.
A sneaker, Sir? Would do the trick.
You suggest not I.
But why?
May we not all run wild and free?
With feet as such
One might have other more pressing oddities to cast the eye over.
Just do not cast eyes.
Keep your eyes uncasted
Encased in sun shades
Always looking up.

Catherine Johnson

What an odd poem from the recesses of my mind. Anyone else got a flip flop poem?


#inktober2016 Relax, Wet and Battle

After a weekend of fun including riding on a mechanical bull at my friend’s surprise 40th birthday party


I’m feeling very inspired. Painted up a treat this morning:

It pays to do a batch because you are just warming up with the first ones. So instead of painting every day I’m going to batch paint and upload dry ones on different days to my Society6 and Etsy shop.

The last few inktober sketches are:



and today’s Battle


The steady munching of grass
Hinted at a calm ambience
But after the rain
Things went

That was fun to write. I think I’ll save the next few for Friday. Bring your poem heads!

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨


Hockey Sheep

hockey sheep

If sheep played hockey the wool would be their padding.
they’d better learn to skate.
their team work would excel.
don’t let the ram on the ice.

I was super impressed there was only one fight and not much shoving into the boards. (What a softie I am ;))

My son had a super controversial game on Saturday. So many life lessons right there on the ice. I hope it fires them up for next time.
The Flyers were definitely fired up last night.

Is it okay to talk about being fired up on #mlkday?

Have a peaceful day everyone (unless you’re playing hockey then hustle ;)).


One a Day: Spine Poetry



I bet you guys could re-arrange these into something better.

What a neat selection of books. Congrats to Penny, Tara and Deborah and their respective illustrators for their new picture books. They are wonderful!






Celebrate, Learn and Investigate


good news
Congratulations Elaine!


I tried to do that thing where you have four photos and they are all different colours in a square. Does anyone know how to do that? I did the star using http://www.myscrapnook.com/ (It’s free!)

and birthdays


Happy Birthday Teresa! I hope you can just about make out my squirrel for you. And I hope you’ve had a lovely day x


How to Draw a Dragon – Here’s a clue – get up close. You just never know when that might come in handy. I adore this book (just saying).




There is nothing more exciting than a mystery. Please join the hunt for the missing cheese cake.




Celebrate Learn Investigate


Leprechaun Art and a Limerick



With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, let’s celebrate already. Here is a video that is great for teaching kids how to write a Limerick:

And here’s a great Limerick about a snowman.

Laura Shovan is hosting Poetry Friday today.

Have a great day!


Poetry Friday: The Red Pencil

Poetry FridayHappy Friday everyone! I’ve just read a beautiful novel-in-verse about a girl caught up in a war but still with hope and big dreams. So inspiring!

And the doodle counts for my Create One a Day yay.



There’s an absolutely amazing review of The Red Pencil from an educational standpoint here at The Classroom Bookshelf. It even talks about the meaning behind the importance of the moon in the book.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Heidi Mordhorst of My Juicy Little Universe today.


Editing Schmediting

Hi folks,

I’m firmly in editing mode now so I’m going to share a revision, see what you think. I’m thrilled to have a Facebook Group for critiques now that is purely poems. I’ve always had picture book critique groups and there is a difference. Of course pb writers know their rhyme but I don’t rhyme so much these days. It’s funny how my old critique group have all started drawing or were already artists. Yay!

Here is the current draft of the illustration so you know what the poem is all about:

mushroomWow you can hardly see the fairy. Look at the glare. No wonder she is wearing sunglasses 😉

Here’s an old draft:

I keep watch on fairy
I keep watch on mermaid
I keep watch on monster
Who’s hairy not scary.
I know mermaid swims
I know fairy flies
I know that the monster eats squid, bugs and flies.
I know I keep watch
I know what I know
I know who goes
Who comes and who knows.

And here’s a revised version I did just now in the shape of a lighthouse:

I keep watch

on fairy, mermaid and monster
while mermaid swims and fairy flies

And monster eats

all the squids,

bugs and flies.

They know I

keep watch…

keep them safe

from the scary

ones……..the people.


Which do you prefer?

I’m having printer wows. I might try and draw a sketch about it for tomorrow.

Have a great day!




#MoP15 Day 21 Erasure #poem


Oops he’s sideways, don’t fall! The New Collection of Short Stories by E.M. Forster was on our bookshelf. I have no idea where it came from but it now has a long term use for erasure poems. Sorry Mr. Forster!


I didn’t read the page first I just quickly scanned. There’s a guy on Instagram who posts loads of these. I thought it was neat to paint around the words. I chose to have them peeking through a bit which was inevitable using watercolors.










Catherine Johnson, 2015.

I probably should take out the first the. It will be fun to keep these in a file and make a collage with them one day. See I still get to scrapbook somehow