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Celebration of Poetry


I was thrilled to bits when my awesome multi-talented pal,  Robyn Campbell told me I’d won these poetry books compiled by the wonderful poetry duo Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong.

The poems are delightful and by so may poet friends. What joy to see all those familiar names. Robyn delighted us with a fun pirate poem which she has kindly allowed me to share today:

Pirate Talk by Robyn Campbell

First you need a pirate costume:

eye patch, hook, and big black hat.

Grab that skull-and-crossbones flag.

Don’t forget your treasure map!

Say aye aye instead of yes.

Wave and shout Ahoy for Hey!

Say avast when you mean Stop!

What will be your pirate name?

Captain Longbeard? One-eyed Jack?

Don’t forget to find a crew:

Parrots, monkeys, crocodiles-

teddy bears and puppies, too!

Great pirate talk poem, Robyn and super ending with the unusual crew members. This is perfect for kids!

I was moved by one of Mary Lee Hahn’s poems. I love her style and as usual Douglas Florian wowed me with his witty ending. It’s my lifelong ambition to conquer the witty ending.

And talking of ends, Marilyn Singer rounded out the collection in true style. I loved that poem too.

Thanks Robyn for sharing these great poems with me, especially since I haven’t written one in a while.

I did a little celebration painting to go with it for my one a day:

Congrats to all the contributors. What a fab book!


Medal for most dedicated
Game lost but hearts won
A tonne of growth this year
Hooray for great coaches
I’m going to miss the adrenalin rush
and this lovely team of boys.
Till we meet again!



A for Auckland



A for Auckland

Today marks the beginning of Month of Poetry. For a great list of month long blogging  events see Jama’s post. I will be joining in on the progressive poem which is always exciting to follow and I found a clothing poem for Laura Shovan’s clothing poetry theme.

Here on my blog I am officially doing the A-Z challenge and hope to combine that with One a Day and month of poetry.



The views of Auckland from the tower rival those up the Eiffel tower. Looking out is the easiest thing to do up there. I find looking at people’s travel photos so neat because you get to see places you never would have traveled to. So close your eyes and hop into the pictures.


Stepping onto the glass floor is terrifying!

Then some crazy people in orange suits

pulled wild stunts

on the outside of the tower.

Bungy jumping craziness!

I’ll settle for my laziness.


Mixing rhyme with free verse yikes! Don’t tell Renée 😉

I’d love it if you guys write your own poems using the photos as prompts too.

A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0                                                               A-Z Challenge

P.s. Wear blue for Autism Awareness tomorrow.


Poetry Prompt: Toy Plane


wpid-2015-03-17-10.47.06.jpg.jpegTOY PLANE

Really flying
Not strapped in
I spy mommy
waving rolling pin.

Catherine Johnson, 2015.

Thanks to Renee I find much better rhymes using a rhyming dictionary.

Anyone got a different toy plane poem?


Wog Dalk


I got the idea for this silly talk from my poet friend, Nola.

She’s written some great tips for writing humor in poetry.

Anyone fancy having a go?


#ShineaLight on Carrots (again)

carrot Thanks to my nine year old I now have a fun helicopter element to this zany scene. Matthew really wanted the carrot to go running all around town shooting carrots from it’s nostrils. Fun idea but I doubt I could draw it.

Here are my sketches before I picked the boy:

WIN_20150223_075135Oops I didn’t take a good picture. I was going to put a danger do not wear orange sign up. We’ll see. Now that the boy is taking the lighthouse to the zoo the poem will change drastically anyway.

Did you know my good friend, Yvette is now a WordPress blogger? Check out her new blog here. She writes MG fantasy for children and leads our Writing for Children WANA group.

I followed a heap more blogs after reading this birthday post celebrating fifty great blogs. They are really good ones too. Check them out at Hugh’s Views and News here.

Have a great day!




#MoP15 Day 17: Christmas Tree

WIN_20150116_041503 (2)


The Christmas Tree

Pulled violently from my slumber
My branches moan and creak
stretching out
some bent
some limp
My stomach recoils as I am thrown on a roof
I’m horizontal and moving
Slow down
Suddenly I am upright again
Going to a place I’ve never been
It’s warm here
I might like it.
Kids start pulling on my limbs.
While they are not looking
I bend and shake my branches.
That feels better
Dangly things are slipped noisily onto my branches.
Children are laughing
delighting in me
I hear music
all is well
until they strip me bare and toss me on the lawn.

Catherine Johnson, 2015.

It’s Saturday so it’s the Saturday challenge on the Mop blog (and I didn’t miss it this time ;)) Today’s theme is personification. So you talk about an object or idea like they are a real human. I had forgotten that you can do that in third person but for the Christmas tree (which just popped into my head) I think it suits first person.

I’m off to my son’s hockey match soon and then hopefully we’re going to watch Paddington. I’ll try not to think how many eBooks I could buy with just one bag of popcorn. Actually none because popcorn isn’t a currency. Oh dear I’ve hit silly hour early.

Have a great day everyone!


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#MoP15 Day 16 Roar and Soar



Raw meat

Roar greet

Four feet

Claw seat

More heat

Soar!  Neat!

Catherine Johnson, 2015.

I had a sketch of a clown lion but I drew this one and wrote this first draft early this morning. It’s nice to do it in peace when the kids are home (P.A. day!)

I haven’t used Paint much on my tablet but for my level it’s great. Next time I’ll see if a stylus works in Paint. It should do if your finger works. We must have one somewhere.

I’ll keep playing with the picture and see if I can do better flames for a start. Maybe have him roaring as he goes through.

Tomorrow is the challenge on the month of poetry blog so I hope I don’t miss it this time.

Has anyone been to a circus? I think in future it would be great if circuses were only virtual since the training looks so harsh on the animals. We’re only a click away from seeing what they go through. It’s a small world these days and the benefit of that is you can make change if you want to.

Have a great day!

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#MoP15 Day 15: Hands


Oven gloves


Dough balls








Catherine Johnson, 2015

If you are wondering about the oven gloves, it’s from a YouTube video I watched yesterday about drawing hands. Apparently it’s great practise to put on an oven mitt and make different hand gestures. Fun! Draw them of course 😛

Handy? 😉

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#MoP15 Day 11 Paris and Pirates


I adore Paris! I spent such a long time there. I walked from the deep south all the way to the Musee D’Orsee in the north listening to the Beegees on my headphones with a quick pitstop at my Swedish friend’s flat near the Eiffel Tower.

I’ve climbed it several times because my parents took us there too. My auntie lives in Paris. I love pain au chocolate, baguettes and tarts aux pomme!

I really wanted one of these posters that my friend had on her wall but I never managed to find any myself. They sell them along the Seine at quaint little stands.

imagesT95IWVQSMost had Moulin Rouge dancers on, they were so funky.

Yesterday the Saturday challenge was to write an Abcedarian and I was still in pirate mode. Just this morning I was daydreaming about an old pirate picture book manuscript based in Paris and though the overall story was rubbish there was one element that was so creative and boys in particular would love it. It might be my first picture book in verse rather than a poetry book. On vera! We’ll see!

Here’s my pirate Abcedarian:

Eager misters
Interested in me pirate ship.
Just fancied a
Keg or two did ya?
Let ‘em ‘ave as
Many as they like
N then we’ll throw them
Overboard! Walk the
Tie ‘em
Up first
Very tight mind
We’ll not be ‘avin any of ‘em escape
Xtremely important
Ye hear me crew?


Have any of you been to Paris?