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#MoP Day 6: Pumpkin Lighthouse



Thanks for stopping by

Bat and Witch.

You made this old pumpkin lighthouse smile.

See you next Halloween

Or stay and enjoy the surf.

Witch can ride the waves.

Bat can hang with the gang.

Catherine Johnson, 2015.


I forgot to mention that the last couple of poems have been an attempt at personification from the p.o.v. of the lighthouses. It seems kidlike but I’m not sure if they even sound like poems. Sorry this weirdo is mentioning Halloween already 😉

Pop on over to Kidlit411.com for their birthday celebrations, lots of prizes up for grabs!


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Funniest Read of the Year

For the last few months of 2014 my reading habits have changed dramatically and I’ve been on the hunt for funny.

In the summer it was a delight to read How to Stick a Dart in your Head by Eric Hill (Susanna’s husband) and that really got me laughing.

Ever since I’ve been on the hunt for funny. It seems fitting that I find another funny book right at the end of the year. This time a poetry book.

untitled (14)

Read it if you dare, you’ll be laughing in seconds. Excellent poetic skills of course from Kenn Nesbitt, U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate. I fancy reading his diner lady one next.

Has anybody got any funny recommendations? Best read of the year?


Lyrical Language Heaven


I’ve been thinking about Renee’s course all year knowing that November was the quietest month to take it and litening to the accolades pour in about it then finally November came!

Turns out I have been counting syllables and beats when I only needed to check the beats. I can safely say I probably have not checked the meter properly on a poem written for a blog post. They are just my entertainment poems. I always check properly for any going in a book or for a Susanna Hill writing contest. (Her latest Holiday contest is soon folks!)

Learning via the other nice folks in the group was a real bonus. All the wonderful notes we have from the course are such a treasure for life now and being able to share poems and get feedback in the Alumni group is just what I need right now. Up until recently my critique groups have always been picture book centred and while they still know about rhyme, not a lotknow how to check meter. If you are the only one who checks meter in a group you are taking the longest time to critique and there is no one to check you’ve done it right.

So I am super grateful for those things and so many more, like new forms to try etc. If you are interested in poetry at all this course is a must.

I hope I can think of more fun things to do in my facebook group Poetry Bootcamp now. I am so grateful to fellow poet Robyn Campbell for bringing so many writers to the group. I hope they find it useful and fun and be brave and write poems on there.

Month of Poetry with Kat Apel is coming up fast in January (#MoP) (sign up for that between 15th and 30th Dec)

Thank you so much Renee, it was really a privilege to have you share your extensive poetry knowledge with me and I hope it gives my poems a boost. Cheers!

What courses have you been grateful for this year?


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A Poetry Feast!

IHi folks! It’s a P.A. day here Friday which is code for the kids are home from school so we will be at our friend Lisa’s house with her daycare kids playing :0)

In my absence I leave you with some magnificent poems and books of poems.

A really fun tongue twister from Jeanne.


and a beautiful villanelle from Freeda.


I am currently reading renowned poet, Steven Withrow’s first poetry collection,

Crackles of Speech. It is the best poetry I’ve ever read some of which is a bit beyond my comprehension *coughs*. You know when you read something and you think one day I might be able to write something like that. Err not with this, wow!



I have also just received yesterday (thanks Michelle) Everything is a Poem by former U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate, J. Patrick Lewis. Fabulously entertaining so far! The most versatile poet indeed!


Hope you enjoyed this impromptu poetry mash up. Have a great weekend!


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Zompoemz ebook is here!


Poetry Friday

Happy Poetry Friday! Welcome back to my lost subscribers. I googled how to get you back and the rest is history. Phew!

My eBook of Zompoemz, a book of poetry for kids is finally ready thanks to the new Kindle Kids’ Creator (it is fab btw). No formatting issues at all so I plan to re-do Weirdo Zoo and The Everglades ebooks too yeehaw! Thanks so much to my followers without whom I probably wouldn’t be doing this.


Zompoemz is currently $2.99 on Amazon but on October 31st for Halloween it will be free! I shall give the free link in the same post as Susanna Hill’s awesome Halloween contest. If you haven’t heard about that yet, go here.

There’s even more excitement because our talented buddy Julie Rowan-Zoch’s first books are out this week and they are adorable! Happy Book Birthday Julie!

Now back to zombies.

Here’s a couple of seasonal poems from the book:

WIN_20141008_092007 (2)

WIN_20141008_092049 (2)

These two kids look familiar 😉

Poetry Friday is being hosted by Tara today at The Miss Rumphius Effect

Have a great weekend! See you here on Monday (Canadian Thanksgiving)


New Blog!


Welcome to my new blog everyone! Mucho thankso to my dear friend Julie for making this amazing header for me. Congrats, Julie on your cute elephant books too.


I’m going to start at two posts per week, Monday and Friday and Monday will be a prompt of some kind. So why not start with this cute rabbit.

Anyone got a poem for this cute bunny?

By the way, I found an amazing website with tonnes of videos about WordPress website. You actually only need to watch the first one. Here it is. They ask for your email address, but honestly I haven’t been bombarded at all. It’s so worth it if you are not very technical.

Have a great week!


Metaphor Monday Glass Boxes

Hi folks, It’s a holiday here, so I’ll be quiet and I’ve had a stinker of a headache for three days. See you back on Friday!

Here is some beautiful glass that Phil bought me for my birthday a while ago:

I once went to a glass factory in Sweden. I remember my sister coming out with a glass angel. I can’t remember what I got. Isn’t glass beautiful!


Drop your pearls and oysters here
Protected by shell and ocean swell


Gold leaf
Silver birch
Flights of fancy
Nature sparkles here.


Handy rocket resting,
Ready for use.

Anyone see a hand or a rocket in the last photo?

What else do you see today?


Away in the Manger

Wishing you all a happy, joyful season and I would like to emphasize the importance of the animals in this tongue-n-cheek special.

away-in-the-manger (Google Images)

I feel that many more animals could have graced the manger. Maybe they did and it just didn’t get recorded. Mary and Joseph were exhausted after their long trip and it was left to the animals to entertain little Jesus as so:

A Gorilla/orangutang/hairy thing could have popped in to make Jesus smile.
gorilla (Pinterest)

Did a sloth bring a gift too?

“Ney!” said the donkey, twas just me and the cows and sheep. Be off with you, crashing our stable.”
donkey (Pinterest)

So they slouched away and joined Weirdo Zoo

And that’s the lesser known tale of Christmas past lol. Happy Christmas! etc etc.

Weirdo Zoo is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. I’m working on the ebook, will let you all know. Thanks so much for a wonderful year together writing, blogging and dreaming. See you in the New Year or on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest 😉


Metaphor Monday with Judy

Metaphor Monday

WANA buddy Judythe Morgan has kindly offered her book cover, The Pendant’s Promise as metaphor fodder today. Thanks Judy!

















Steel viper threatens steel butterfly.
The pendant is dependent on you.
We managed to escape with the bling, ‘Oops!’
Which is priceless? The pendant or the promise?

I got a bit carried away, few of these are metaphors. Anyone else carried away today?


Metaphor Monday – Book Speak

It’s Metaphor Monday time again. I really fancy doing a Wimbledon special so give me a week and I’ll see what fab pictures I can find. Did anyone watch it? My eyes were welling up. Today’s treat is Book Speak by Laura Purdie Salas. The words are beautiful, the illos are beautiful and so funky.

If I had to pick a favorite I would have to say, If a Tree Falls. And here it is:

If a tree falls in the forest

with no ear to hear its fall,

does it make a crackling thunder

or descend in silent sprawl?

If a book remains unopened

and no reader turns its page,

does it still embrace a story

or trap words inside a cage?

Beautiful! And here is the book cover. Let’s see how many metaphors we can think up with these pictures:


motorway hike
umbrella mail
post office in the sky
heavenly books
circus frog
noisy books

I’ll try and get on here to write a poem with them all, but if I don’t feel free to help me out. Bring on the metaphors and have a great day!

Under the post office in the sky
young Mary Poppins and her paper parasol
drive on water,
swimming through the traffic
in this literary shower,
delivering umbrella mail
while beez zpeak of heavenly books
on sherbert clouds.