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Misty Poem

Thanks to Susie Lindau I discovered it is World Poetry Day today. One must not pass that up.

Go read Susie’s great poem here and then please follow #WorldPoetryDay on Twitter. (There are some quite funny political ones (say no more ;)).

I took some cool photos of the mist this morning.

The mist through the trees matched the wonder in her heart.

Be brave and put a one line poem on Twitter.

Happy World Poetry Day!



A dog of champions
Who champions dogs
Rumpy 🐾⭐

(art by H 8yrs)

Sad news about dear Rumpy x


Beach House Paintings

Today I handed over 6 paintings for my friend’s beach house. It was pretty nerve-wracking doing so many and not wanting to mess them up.

Here’s what they looked like early on:

And left aside for a bit they were then ready for a bit of a makeover:

I’d never tried painting or even drawing flip flops before. I accidentally made the top half too wide. They might just haunt me lol.

Specialist Feet Flip Flops

Whose feet are they
That fit snug in such ghastly shoes?
Surely one ought to cover such magnificent beasts more profoundly.
A sneaker, Sir? Would do the trick.
You suggest not I.
But why?
May we not all run wild and free?
With feet as such
One might have other more pressing oddities to cast the eye over.
Just do not cast eyes.
Keep your eyes uncasted
Encased in sun shades
Always looking up.

Catherine Johnson

What an odd poem from the recesses of my mind. Anyone else got a flip flop poem?


A fEwe more days of hols

Sheep dip
Ewe renew
Baaa..ck to school.

CJ 🎨


Sip & Shop Poem


Normalcy with resume on Monday
After much sipping and hopefully shipping
All these piled up paintings.
Alas the little niggly issue of what to put them in
Is sending me on a wild goose chase
For a simple plastic bag.
My mum suggested bubblewrap
Not sure if I’ve enough
Then we said we’d use instead the supermarket ones.

In future times with more experience
My stall will look like a barn
My custom-made sheep bags will be on proud display.

So now I’m going to settle down and fret not and price up my little canvases.

See you on the other side!


P.s. I made a pathetic video for collage which must not see the light of day. My new plan is to round up the most useful videos from YouTube and put them all on a resource page here. Good idea?

Have a nice weekend!


#inktober2016 Flight and Fight


Fight for the right.


Flee with glee.


Soar for more.


Dine with a giant.

It’s been an interesting few days for the sheep and an interesting few days for my youngest. She ended up with a bit of a stick stuck in her cheek and the wait at the hospital was 6 hours. It was after midnight when we got home.

She’s fine now but I wish I’d just googled what to do like you do for everything else. Note to self get stocked up on butterfly stitches just in case.

On a more fun note it’s my bff’s 40th this week (yesterday) and she has a day off so we are going shopping yay!

A small deviation from hockey and painting. I feel like a real Canadian now I’m so into hockey.

Anyway back to sheep. Who can whip up a poem with any of these images?

Sometimes you aim for a poem and end up with a caption and that’s okay.

Have a great weekend!

Catherine 🎨






#inktober2016 Relax, Wet and Battle

After a weekend of fun including riding on a mechanical bull at my friend’s surprise 40th birthday party


I’m feeling very inspired. Painted up a treat this morning:

It pays to do a batch because you are just warming up with the first ones. So instead of painting every day I’m going to batch paint and upload dry ones on different days to my Society6 and Etsy shop.

The last few inktober sketches are:



and today’s Battle


The steady munching of grass
Hinted at a calm ambience
But after the rain
Things went

That was fun to write. I think I’ll save the next few for Friday. Bring your poem heads!

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨


Cone Flowers


Cone flowers bask in the sun

Ready to embark on a mission at a moment’s notice

Prettiest drones in the sky.


Let your imagination fly today!

Catherine 💙🎨



Fairly Awesome



Skipped the baseball practise

Hopped to the fair

Jumped with glee

Spun around a million times.

Fairly awesome.


Happy Saturday! 🎈

Catherine 💙🎨





Jellyfish made a wish
She didn’t want to sting.
Now enemies with clompy feet
They don’t feel a thing.

Catherine 🎨💙

Probably lots wrong with that, don’t check the meter!

It was fun doing that watercolor the other day because I didn’t know it was going to be a jellyfish.

Wouldn’t it be fun if once a week you painted a complete surprise instead of planning everything.

Happy creating!

Catherine 💙🎨