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Macro Monday (late): Wake



purring through the bend

low throttle no wake allowed

this view awaits us


Macro of the wash:


I’m not sure that I could have got a better photo with a longer lens. It’s blurry at high speed but there’s hardly any wake at low speed. I’ll try that next time.

We had so much fun this long weekend. May bubbles froth in your week and may the weather fairy keep us nice and warm and not burnt.

Have a great week!

Catherine 💙🎨20160523_201913_HDR~2


Macro & Doodlewash: Onion

  1. 20160512_124057

When Phil pulled this out of the drawer saying he thought we need to get more onions, I knew straight away I had to doodlewash it.


By next year I’ll be at advanced doodlewashing and then you might get some details 😜.

Join in Charlie’s food challenge before the end of May.

And here is a close up of the onion. I love the crunchy layers at the top. Not to eat just so you know 😆:


Have a great week everyone!

Catherine 🎨💙




Macro Monday: Guess what this is

20160502_005534The black hole?


I flew to the moon at the weekend?


A dog?

Any guesses?


I’ll tell you in the comments at the end of today.

Have a great week!

Catherine 🎨💙

It’s a make up brush!



Macro Monday: Birdie Beaks


The little birdies are growing!


Happy Monday 🌺



Macro Monday: Burl or Knot?

So, does anyone know what these are called? Could it be a burl or a knot?

The photo could have been more macro but I didn’t think that was as interesting. I like the surrounding wood. It looks like a bowl or a plate from a long time ago.


Has anyone seen this marking on a tree?

Round and around

Protected at its borders

A plaque with no words

© Catherine Johnson, 2016


Have a great week!


Macro Monday: Hockey Skates

It is bitterly cold out there today brrr….

Now I’m back in the warmth I can focus on Macro Monday hockey.

Of course Monday is all about The Voice Macro Monday so let’s focus (pun intended) on photography and get all thoughts about tonight’s final into the background.

Oops! How did that get there?

I have lots of macro shots saved up but since I have clearly lost the plot I took some new ones 😉




Maybe only one of these is zoomed in enough to be macro. I like the variety of the images considering it’s just one hockey skate.

And it’s just one final. Oh shut up Catherine. How am I going to make it through the day? What are you excited about today? I bet it’s not the weather.

Have a great day!



Macro Monday: Mini Eggs

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. We’re all still off today and Friday is a P.A. day. The kids will be celebrating this short week at school. I best hide my mini eggs. 😉

So this is a new thing for me. Do join in if you love photography. It’s so easy. Play around with how you take your shot.

To take this shot, I was a few inches away and zoomed in:


It goes really blurry if you just hold the camera close up to the subject.

I only used my phone. I’ve got some macro shots of trees from the park for next week using a proper camera. The week after that I’ll use our big one and see if there’s a difference between them all.

Have a great week!





Z is for Zoos


Hamilton Zoo

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Half of our street went with us to Hamilton Zoo. All the kids and the dads had a blast kicking up leaves in this one area with a big pile. I think that was the highlight 😉
I feel bad for how many zoos I’ve been to when there are so many campaigning for the animals to be free but some, like the rhinos, are much better off in a big zoo like Auckland. It was my favorite for sure because of all the winding pathways. You couldn’t see the next animals until you turned a corner. That was fun.
Auckland Zoo

I’ve also been to Chester Zoo, probably the most famous in England. A great wildlife park in Doncaster, Melbourne Zoo, Australia Zoo, that Steve Irwin’s family own and Detroit Zoo.

Which zoos have you been to?

It’s been fun doing this challenge. I’ll introduce you to some great blogs I discovered next week some time. For now poetry lovers head on over to Matt’s blog where he puts in the final line of the progressive poem.


U for Ullswater


U for Ullswater

Under the mist
Understanding nature
Utterly stunning surroundings

Ullswater was the nearest lake to Phil’s parents caravan in Penrith, a beautiful campsite with a stream running all around it.



F is for France



c3f451840bbe81a10b206994af18df65F is for France

Aside from the obvious landmarks, here are my classmates from all over the world and our fab French teacher Jean Claude. Though we hardly chat because it was so long ago I am delighted to have my two best friends from my year as an au pair on Facebook. My Swedish friend Gabriella was so adventurous she has traveled to India since France. Another fascinating country.

2839a1e1bc5b8e0aeaac7668ecdd166e (2)


Laura is from Holland and is the sweetest girl ever. No wonder I looked so happy with her. The picture bottom right is at La Defense where a lot of top businesses had their offices.



The Rodan museum was the most interesting to walk around because you literally could walk between the sculptures inches away. The mix of indoor and outdoor was perfect. My favorite was of course Le Penseur.

I don’t have pictures of other areas of France I have visited to hand. I have to mention Bordeaux, a fun city. Nice, Menton and Monaco so beautiful and fancy. Lyon is  special place where I went to a chateaux with my au pair family. Their cousins stayed too and we ha so much fun camping out in a tent we made ourselves. Hide and seek in the chateaux and we went on bike rides into a little local village. So beautiful!


I know Joanna has lived in France and Robin has visited recently. Anyone else been? Which part was your favorite?