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My Mommy


My Mommy written and illustrated by Susan Paradis

Published by Front Street, 2002.

Suitable for: 2-7

Themes Topics: family, moms, daughters, nurturing.

With minimal text, Susan shows the warm and nurturing of a mother to her daughter from morning until night.

My mommy feeds me

Check out these super cute d.i.y crafts kids can make for their moms.

And more lovely crafts here too. I like the celery one.

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Isn’t this a sweet poem:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms on Sunday

PPBF The Duck Who Played the Kazoo

untitled (15)I can’t remember where I discovered this cute picture book but I hope it’s new to PPBF.

The Duck Who Played the Kazoo written by Amy E. Sklansky and illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke.

Publisher: Haughton Mifflin Harcourt

Suitable for: 4-8 years old.

Themes/Topics: Lonely, friendship.


There once was a duck who loved the kazoo. He played: La ditty, da ditty zu zu.


A hurricane blows through the duck’s lake blowing away all the other ducks. He is left all alone playing his kazoo. He stays there through winter but then leaves his lake in search of companionship.


You could make some paper ducks and even a paper lake. Flap some cardboard around for the hurricane and try and get all but one ducks off the lake. Make some paper snow for winter and then have the duck fly to find the others.

I was so attracted to this book by the illustrations. The watercolors are lovely and in my favorite blues and greens for water and trees. It such a sweet story too.

Join in the groundhog day celebrations on a special Phyllis birthday by joining in Susanna’s contest. All you have to do is write a poem about Phyllis. Details here. While you’re over there browse through today’s perfect picture book selection.

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The Curious Demise of a Contrary Cat

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Just pretend it’s Halloween still 😉 The Curious Demise of a Contrary Cat is too good no to share! Written by Lynne Berry and illustrated by Luke LaMarca.




Witch is making a spell and keeps expecting cat to fetch all the ingredients. Cat has no interest in fetching anything so witch hatches a clever plan to get her own back.

Activities: Get kids to role play the story and take turns being the cat and the witch. Which do they prefer and why?

I loved this book it was so much fun and had lots of repetition which always makes for a great picture book. The limited colour scheme was quite funky too.

Check out this cat’s laugh it’s hilarious!

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You’re Here! PPBF

It’s pretty much a given that if it’s Friday there’ll be a picture book or a poetry book around here. In the rare weeks where I don’t have either to share I shall peruse YouTube for something funny. I fear however that there are just too many awesome books about. Just look at how many there are now in Susanna Hill’s library. Yowsers!

I’ve just been told it’s my blogiversary today! Thanks so much to all my readers that I even have a blogiversary.


You’re here! Written by Karla Oceana and illustrated by my funky and super talented buddy, Julie RowanZoch! *clashescymbal*

Published by Bailiwick Press, October, 2014. Suitable for: babies and mums.

Themes/Topics: baby’s first year.



You’re here! Oh, you’re here! Oh, you’re finally here!

Synopsis: This delightful book talks about everything that will happen in baby’s first year along with the emotions you will feel too. Simply adorable!

Activities: Maybe an older sibling could draw a picture of himself/herself with the new baby. You never know what the baby will recognize. I’m looking forward to reading the other two books by Julie. Too cute!

By the way Jeanne Poland has written a fun poetry book with wacky photos in all about how to write a picture book. Check it out here.

The results are In for the Halloweensie contest run by the ever amazing Susanna! Congratulations to all the winners! Fabulous stories.

Happy Friday!




All by Myself

This is such a funny title considering I’ve sent all my subscribers to my (not quite ready blog) 😉


All by Myself written and illustrated by Ivan Bates.

HarperCollins Publishers, 1st February, 2000.

Suitable for: 3-7 year olds.

Themes/Topics: Independence, courage, teamwork.

Every morning, Maya and her mother had breakfast together. Maya’s mother would reach for her long trunk high into the branches of a tree and pick the juiciest leaves for them to eat together.

Synopsis:(inside cover)
Every day Maya’s mother picks leaves for breakfast with her long trunk. Then one day Maya decides she wants to pick the leaves? all by herself!
One little elephant plus one tall tree can only mean one big problem. Luckily, Maya’s mother thinks she just might have the answer….
A warm and reassuring look at a plucky little elephant who is determined to start growing up.

Find something pretty tall and pretend you need to reach the branches. You can try four different things. What would you choose before you asked for help? Discuss how easy/difficult it is for animals to find their food.

I love the watercolor illustrations and really fancy having a go at doing the cover sometime. Aren’t those tiny eyes so cute on a giant elephant?

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Harold finds a voice

Happy Friday everyone! Before I introduce a very colorful parrot, I hope you have some time to vote for the Round One match ups in the wonderful March Madness poetry tournament Ed DeCaria is organising. Poems are going up all the time. I’ll let you know when Round 2 goes up.


Harold finds a voice written and illustrated by Courtney Dicmas, published by Child’s Play (International) Ltd, January, 2013.

This book was shortlisted for Waterstones best Picture Book 2014. Waterstones is a huge book retailer in England, though I think they are currently struggling which is sad.

Suitable for: All ages

Themes/Topics: Being clever, friendship, home, happiness.

Deep in the heart of Paris,
in apartment 4B, there lived
a very clever parrot.

Harold has a special talent. He can mimic any sound from his apartment, so he ventures out to mimic more sounds. Then he starts to wonder what his own sound is.

Get kids to try and mimic sounds they hear and go to different places to find new sounds.

I adore the illustrations in this and have been dying to share it with you. It is utterly irresistable!

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Pip and Posy

After a super March Break I’m ready for Perfect Picture Book Friday and I have a cute snowy one today. Hopefully it’s the last snowy one this winter. Axel Scheffler of Gruffalo fame has written two very cute characters and there are lots of books out there about their antics. I had no idea.
untitled (2)

Pip and Posy The Snowy Day written and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, published by Nosy Crow, Ltd on 4th October, 2012.

Suitable for: 2+

Themes/Topics: co-operation, falling out, making up, resolving differences.

It was a very snowy day.
Pip and Posy wanted to go out and play.

Synopsis: Pip and Posy go outside to build a snowman and can’t agree on anything. They both get cross but in the end find a solution.

Activities: Try doing a project with someone else and count the differences of opinion. Brainstorm happy endings. Projects could be making a papier machee, a rocket anything.

I love how cute these characters are. Axel’s classic style is unmistakably his.

Susanna has a full picture book library at her place.

See you on Monday for the announcing of the winner of The Everglades book. Have a great weekend.


Farley Found It!

It’s raining here so there might be a few animals doing what Farley is doing in this fun picture book. Sandy doesn’t even go in her shed, the little monkey.


Farley Found It! written and illustrated by Bruce Van Patter.

Suitable for: everyone!
Themes/Topics: sharing, acceptance, tolerance, friendship, humor.

Farley loved his meadow when the dandelions glowed in the sunshine.

Farley the sheep hates sleeping outdoors and pinches Edna’s house. Edna keeps hiding it but guess what?

Too funny indeed and the lush colours in this are wicked! I love the lime and the green. This is a classic must-read pb.

Make a dog house out of a box and watch your sister pinch it then hide it again and so on 😉

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How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?


How cute is that doggie in the window? What a fun idea of our writing buddy Iza to rewrite this classic song and add her wonderful illustrations to boot. My kids love dog books right now, that’s why I chose this one.

How Much Is That Doggie in the Window? retold and illustrated by Iza Trapani.

Suitable for: 2-5 yrs

Themes/Topics: yearning, sad, surprises.

How much is that doggie in the window?
The one with the waggely tail.
How much is that doggie in the window?
I do hope that doggie’s for sale.

The little boy spends all his money helping others and has none left for his heart’s desire, the doggie. There is a lovely ending to this cute story.

Make your own dog with buttons, like this one on Pinterest.
These doggie balloons look easy to make.
These poodle cupcakes are so funny!

The illustrations are adorable! The expressions on some of the animals are hilarious. Great characterisation, Iza!

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An African Princess

I am excited to let you know lovely poet, Linda Baie is blogging about Weirdo Zoo today. Get thee there if you want to snap up a copy. And thanks so much to everyone who has already read it. Please review it on Amazon, it really helps more people to find it :0) Thank you!


Being multi-cultural book week I picked out An African Princess written by Lyra Edmonds and illustrated by Anne Wilson.

Themes/Topics: Family tree, pride, self-belief.

Suitable for: Pre-school – 1

My name is Lyra and I’m an African princess.

A long time ago, a princess was captured from Africa and taken to the Caribbean to live.
The princess had many children, who also had children, and soon there were too many princess to count.

Synopsis: (book cover)
Lyra’s mama tells her that she’s a princess from Africa. Sometimes, though, Lyra isn’t so sure. How many African princesses live in the city and have freckles?


Here are some great musical instruments to make fit for a princess. Prince and Princess crafts for kids.

I just love the beautiful illustrations in this book. A lot of it is in that fun scrapbooking style.

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Have a great weekend and stay warm!