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Muhammed Ali


R.I.P the great Muhammed Ali.

Check out Nina’s arty tribute too.

Catherine πŸ’™πŸŽ¨

#SelfieArt Day

As well as being Good Friday, it’s also #SelfieArt Day again.


It’s less scary sideways 😜

I used a Faber Castell marker in warm grey which is a bit more forgiving than black especially when you put shading in.

Next time I fancy trying a more scribbled look like my recent animal sketches.

Take a look at Yvette’s selfie which is amazing!

It’s supposed to be a solemn day today but I’m so excited to go to a King’s game again. To the castle😁!

Have a wonderful Easter! See you on Monday for Macro Monday.



Fence or a πŸ‘ƒ



8-bit Zombie for #drawlloween


I had to look up what an 8-bit zombie is.

Some of them looked like normal zombies and some of them were in pixels. I went with this one.

I like how the leg is dragging behind.
Ba da bum!


#drawlloween2015 Day 19 Black Lagoon


This is the face of the Scottish rugby supporters after that referee decision that cost them the match ha ha ha ha!

Just having a laugh. I don’t know much about the creature from the black lagoon except he is always carrying beautiful women out of the water. Maybe it was always on Tele when I was watching Scooby Do or something. I’m rather excited the kids are getting right into Scooby Do (although I think it’s on more because of Halloween) and they are also watching Tom and Jerry. I always lament the kids programs of today so this is a great nostalgia trip and giving kids what they really need in a program πŸ˜ƒ. Chased by ghosts and cats is what they need lol.

Check out more creatures from the black lagoon with #drawlloween on Twitter and I Instagram. Tomorrow will be a quick one it’s my best friend’s birthday. I practically live there anyway lol.

Have a great day!


#Inktober2015 #drawlloween Day 15 Amulet


A simple amulet for day 15.


#Inktober2015 Day 15 Amulet


A simple amulet for day 15.


#Inktober #drawlloween Frankenstein’s Monster

There is no more interesting character than Frankenstein’s monster and after seeing that as the #drawloween prompt today I had to join in. Next year I’ll know to join from the start and actually have a theme running πŸ˜‰

I love this painting of Frankenstein’s monster I found on Pinterest so that was my muse.


I never know when to stop painting but I seem to have a better grasp on when to stop drawing. Here it is a bit earlier:

Notice if you don’t get the proportions and likeness right at the start you’ve got no chance later on.

I fancy painting a Frankenstein monster some time. Check out more at #drawlloween.


#Inktober Day 11 Birthday Boy


I totally planned on a portrait for Phil’s birthday but it was terrible. 40 today so here’s some balloons.


#Inktober Day 10: Orangutan


It’s the weekend! Chill