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Happy tEwesday!

Take time under the trees today
To learn, live, laugh and play.




All the crazy things
Pinned to your board
deep inside
Where prayers are churned out
For peace


#shinealight Australia


Hope for you

Peace for you

Love for you



Peace, Photos and no Grottos ;)

These pictures are so beautiful. Feel free to think up metaphors for any of them. My parents crashed into a grotto yesterday so I’m a bit stumped for words. The throttle got stuck and they flew threw the air and landed on a grave stone. Mum’s got whiplash and bruising but no other injuries. The car landed in the grotto and has to be lifted out and the statue of Mary didn’t survive. I’m hoping looking at this pictures will help me to forget grottos a while 🙂 And yes they saw the funny side. They told me not to tell anyone, yeah right. That’s the funniest easter story I’ll ever hear I’ll keep that quiet. (It’s not like I’ve put any pictures on here of grottos, I can be discreet ;)) How was your Easter? Did you do anything a bit crazy like my parents?