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Mabel’s Poor Pour

(Mabel by H)

Add a color


Add another


Learning all the time and that’s what matters. I discovered I can use lots of different colors on one big piece of bubblewrap either altogether or separately over many paintings thus saving paint to make up for the pouring disasters. (woah that was a long sentence)

Here’s the bubblewrap ones. So easy. Do have a go.

Happy creating! 🎨

The Cross Abstract

I can’t seem to give up eating chips for lent but it seems like an omen that I just happen to read about the cross technique at the beginning of lent. I can do that yay. Cheating a bit but hey ho.

This is a great book for tips about abstract art:

I noticed a couple of techniques I haven’t tried yet. The cross, the L shape and the triangle.

Until Easter I’ll experiment with the cross then move on to the L shape.

Here’s two I did last night watching the Leafs lose:

I love the overlap of color you get with pastels compared to painting.

Now imagine using other themes like sheep! You could have the details of the face in the middle of the cross area. Sounds ambitious. We’ll see.

Check out this amazing artwork by ZacherFinet:


This shape would look great in collage too, either completely abstract or a road between fields perhaps.

What would you draw in this shape?

Happy creating!


Layering and Patience

I love red but there wasn’t enough contrast. You couldn’t make out the circles so I got out the pink. Very unusual color choice for me.

Shaking my virtual maracas in celebration that I didn’t ruin it as I so often do.

Here it is finished:

It is way more fun to start a few paintings at the same time and build up in layers. Have fun guessing which one you’ll finish first.

Tip: Use same color in different ways in different paintings and wait for it to dry before adding new colors. (I wasn’t doing that before, hence all the brown).

Which do you like best red or pink version? I promise not to cry 😜


Anyone tried layering? Happy creating! 🎨


Beach House Paintings

Today I handed over 6 paintings for my friend’s beach house. It was pretty nerve-wracking doing so many and not wanting to mess them up.

Here’s what they looked like early on:

And left aside for a bit they were then ready for a bit of a makeover:

I’d never tried painting or even drawing flip flops before. I accidentally made the top half too wide. They might just haunt me lol.

Specialist Feet Flip Flops

Whose feet are they
That fit snug in such ghastly shoes?
Surely one ought to cover such magnificent beasts more profoundly.
A sneaker, Sir? Would do the trick.
You suggest not I.
But why?
May we not all run wild and free?
With feet as such
One might have other more pressing oddities to cast the eye over.
Just do not cast eyes.
Keep your eyes uncasted
Encased in sun shades
Always looking up.

Catherine Johnson

What an odd poem from the recesses of my mind. Anyone else got a flip flop poem?


Collage and Paint

Kudos to experienced collagers, getting the tones right between objects is really hard. If it’s too busy you can’t tell where the wool ends and the grass starts.

I promise next time to keep the colors separate and use paper throughout. For now I added paint for the background and gave the wool a black edge. (A before shot would have been a good idea to show wouldn’t it. Oh well.)

Try this with any subject. Happy creating! 🎨



Left dangling or
Free to swing and play
The perspective is yours.


Let’s play!
Happy creating 🎨

P.s. I can’t wait to share the commission I’m working on.


Blank Canvas

A blank canvas means your head is full of worries and news.
Let the color flow and the worries go.

Dad inspired this one with his world news report. Thanks, dad. It is important to be well informed though. There’s some brave people out there when they’ve lost hope in anyone helping them.

I have lots of blank canvases for a commission from a friend. Exciting and scary. I’ll at least get a sandy colored base down on one of them today.

I haven’t done my artmarks30daychallenge today. Tick tock!

Happy creating 🎨



Undercover sheep
Missed the mark

I intended to add sheep but they were rubbish and I have a renewed enthusiasm for splatters.

Maybe the sheep will come back in the Spring 🐑. Or I’ll stick to charcoal sketches of them. Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨


Stamp it All

After this challenge, I’ll slow down on stamping absolutely everything ;).

Wilma thought the grass tasted funny in her new field and didn’t think anything of it that the tree was shrinking.

(Can you tell I read a lot of Teresa’s cartoons. I was trying to write a poem but this appeared.)

The tree bark, sky and sheep wool is from an eraser stamp. I carved every side. The green squares are from a small ink pad from my old scrapbooking supplies.

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨


Hockey Abstract and First Stamp

For the blue streaks, which is supposed to be a bit like the ice, I used a fairly wide bristled brush. I used a ruler to do the posts and some netting from the satsuma box for the hockey net which I made bigger than the posts for a more abstract (and easier ;)) look.

To be completely handmade on the stamping front I guess a sharp knife is needed, but the tools you get in the Speedball Block Printing Kit are way quicker and easier to carve out stamps.

So my recommendation for beginners to stamping is get a few tools and practise on erasers. Here is my first stamp, a tree:

There are tonnes of ideas for stamps on Pinterest. I’ve started a stamping board with my favorites.

I bought a big plank of wood which I will chop into smaller blacks. I just need to find a cheap source of linoleum.
I got one block in the Speedball kit which I might cut in half but I’m saving that for after I’ve practised a bit.

Tip: Before you even buy a tool, scribble some stamp ideas down or print off copyright free clipart so you know which stamps you like.

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨