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Rooftops at Menton



Singing Sheep


I feel like I’ve seen this sheep before. But where? Anyway Sundays are for singing 😵🎶


Dance, it’s Saturday!


After watching the local team play hockey last night, we’re back there this morning for my son’s hockey game. It’s like our second winter home lol.

Let’s dance!


Back to One a Day

After watching this great video by Gary Bolyer about selling your art, I have decided to get back to my daily sheep.


What a great guy Gary is doing all these videos to help artists.


Since I am doing Kat Apel’s Month of Poetry in our group on Facebook it would be nice to share a poem on a Friday here and join in with Poetry Friday.


A poetic sheep perhaps.


I can’t seamlessly combine Poetry Friday with Draw a Bird Day (today too) so this here is a hodge podge post (for a change *snort*).


A Doggy Villanelle


and a few recent birds

20160103_094342 20160105_193412~2 20160107_153921

Since the blog will be mostly sheep, anyone who still would like to see my paintings can see them on my Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter (@CathM_Johnson) and my Society6 shop. I’ve also got some on a page here on my blog.

Any ideas what would be a good little giveaway for those who sign up for my future newsletter? Tips for beginner artists? Sheep jokes? 😆

Thanks for reading. Happy creating!



Scrambled Eggs and a Penguin


You cannot really
beat the laser focus of
making scrambled eggs.

It occurred to me whilst making scrambled eggs this first morning of the year, that it was a great example of focusing.

The dog wanted to come in the house in the middle of me making it and I just couldn’t leave it. She let herself in but has yet to learn to shut the door behind her.

I can usually do all sorts while making poached eggs but scrambled no way.
So if anyone wants to learn how not to get distracted or do one thing at a time then try scrambling eggs.

It’s month of poetry so expect a lot of poems this month as I dust off my poetry brain.

Happy New Year!



Festive Green Sheep


This is perhaps my favorite. I love the big eyes.

Anyone got a name? Is it a girl this time?


Two Baas


Are these sheep brother and sister?
A couple?
On their way to church?


May The Fleece Be With You

Excited I am to watch Star Wars

Watery I am in these watercolors.

Eep! Eep!

The force is strong with that hair do 😉

Anyone got a name for the Jedi sheep?

Who is going to see Star Wars The Force Awakens?


Indecisive Sheep


What to do? Poorly child last two days of school and she has a test today. Grr..

It’s also Phil’s work’s do tonight. I hope she is okay for the sitter at the neighbor’s. They are going with them to hockey practise.

I’ve gone blue with indecision.

Anyone got a name? Doris lol


Sheep Art ‘Green’


Sheep can’t hide in grass.

There I just made up a really rubbish ‘quote’ with no meaning whatsoever.

Got a better one?