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Oil Pastel Tardis

For a while now I’ve wanted to do more scratching through top layer. That effect is so cool. I only really thought about it for acrylic paint.

I love oil pastels at the moment. They look so bright used properly. So how cool is it to use the scratch through technique with them.

Here is a tiny bit of scratch through:


And here is a really cool scratch through sketch. (Say that three times fast)

Already I’m thinking of scratching through the sheep’s wool, a hay bale, a wagon wheel and grass.

It’s such a fun project for kids to try in the hols if they will just do it.

Happy creating!

Happy tEwesday!

Take time under the trees today
To learn, live, laugh and play.



Scratch Witch Hat

Isn’t Pinterest wonderful. Yesterday I came across this kids craft (those are the best 😉) and just had to try it with a view to trying a sheep scene after (next week).

Start by coloring all over your paper in oil pastels.


Then cover it all in black. I am a naughty rebel because I didn’t dare to press hard with the black at first and I loved the look it gave so I didn’t pressat all. No scratching for me but feel free to follow the instructions and go heavy on the black then scratch out your picture.

This is mine:


And this is what it’ssupposed to look like:


Fancy having a go?

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨


Baa! It’s hot