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Wool Sheep

Joyce was fresh from the hairdressers
And ready to rock ‘n roll.

Dallying with textiles in canvases, I was nervous about putting so many holes in the canvas but it was fun.

Anyone dabbled in embroidery or mixed media like this? I wonder what a big woolly green hedge would look like.

Happy creating!

Happy tEwesday!

May the tangents you go off on today

Lead you into merry adventures.




Food Sheep Collage

Ewe News

Would it be fun to make a sheep collage out of food from the flyers you get through the door?

A new feature for a Monday. Would be fun if a few others joined in. Subject of your choice as long as you use the food flyers.


And then give your collage a name.

Sprouts in the country 😂

Happy collaging! 🎨


Sheep Collage

Hi folks!

Good news. The tooth was a baby tooth and filling was tiny. Lesson learned no harm done – phew!

I feel a new addiction coming on. Collage is like scrapbooking so I’m in heaven doing it. Don’t make me get out my scrapbooks lol.

I actually remembered to take pictures.

Maybe it’s easier to start with the background. I forgot you’re not supposed to put the main object in the centre. That’s true in photos. Is that true for pictures too?

Depending on how intricate you want it to look, keep an eye out for magazines with trees in. It was so handy to cover big spaces.

One suggestion for beginners is work from the top down because of overlap of paper.


Magazine papers
Scrapbook paper

Have a go it’s fun!

Happy creating! 🎨


Stamping Fun

So here’s a couple of art journal pages from the #artmarks30daychallenge:

I stamped the whole page before adding anything else. Now I think it’s too stampy and the composition is rubbish. Composition practise is the nearest I’ll come to having a New Year’s resolution. I do like the paper sheep but with a busy background as well they are too much. Do you agree? I used my daughter’s stamps and some kids’ paint she doesn’t want.

This is upside down and I actually prefer the composition but now the sheep is upside down. This is the advantage to pure abstract you can turn them around any way after they are done. Most of this is done with brusho watercolors.

Today’s page was done early because it’s my birthday and I have fun stuff planned (lunch out and a movie later 👌😀)so here it is:

I discovered this great mixed media artist a couple of days ago and she makes beautiful art journal pages. I haven’t watched this entire video I jumped to different places but it is very cool. It makes me want to add things to my art supply shopping list 😉

Happy creating!
Catherine 🙂


Newspaper on Canvas

Hi folks,

Anything much happened since Monday? 😂 Let’s move along quickly to newspaper not the news.

Here is a great post about different layers you can do in mixed media.

Next I’ve seen people do several washes over the top 50/50 glue and water or using a gel medium if you have some.

And voila a mixed media collage.

I started out very basic. Next time I will follow all the steps in the post I linked to.


I think I put 3 layers of the wash on. I can it would take more. I like the matte look with it being newspaper.

Another collage I did was over an old painting using card stock:


Have you tried collage?

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨

R.I.P. Leonard Cohen.

RememberThem 🌺


Countdown to Summer and World Watercolor Month

I always find the last few days before the kids break up for summer so weird and unproductive. A mild panic sets in. I ask myself questions like ‘What will I not be able to do for the rest of the summer that I should squeeze in quickly?’

One thing for sure is to go out to lunch with Phil 💙

Last year I was so surprised at how often I got to paint, early but not too early, mornings. This time I fancy practising my drawing skills with pencil and pen.

Whether or not I’ll have time to do mamy watercolors for World Watercolor Month time will tell.

Thanks to Jill and my scrapbooking leftovers, mixed media is never far from my mind. I quickly added a simple boat to an old painting just to play around a bit. I’ll try newspaper next.

The lady at the pet shop gave me a grwat idea for next year’s Art at the Marina. I should find another artist and go halves. Great tip!

What would you do before the kids break up?

Have a great day!

Catherine 💙🎨


Sheep Outside of the Box




This is supposed to be one more turn to the right. It’s even more outside of the box than it is supposed to be ;).

Wishing everyone oodles of fresh new ideas for the week. I plan to do a mixed media monkey. Only a week after giving you the prompt. What is time anyway? 😉

Happy creating!


Mixed Moose



Moosing around. This could double as selfie day lol.




As a former scrapbooker I love mixed media and it’s nice to use up my card stock from scrapbooking too.

This one looks like it’s for #drawlloween 😉


I much prefer this one:


Get your kids to this. It’s so much fun.
H did this one