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Jose Trujillo


A tad late today but I have a treat. A real gold nugget of an artist find. Check out Jose  Trujillo on YouTube:

And he is great at giving art advice too. Follow him on YouTube for loads more art videos:

So inspired am I that I got my dusty oil paints out. Watch this space.

Happy creating! 🎨

Celebrate, Learn and Investigate


good news
Congratulations Elaine!


I tried to do that thing where you have four photos and they are all different colours in a square. Does anyone know how to do that? I did the star using http://www.myscrapnook.com/ (It’s free!)

and birthdays


Happy Birthday Teresa! I hope you can just about make out my squirrel for you. And I hope you’ve had a lovely day x


How to Draw a Dragon – Here’s a clue – get up close. You just never know when that might come in handy. I adore this book (just saying).




There is nothing more exciting than a mystery. Please join the hunt for the missing cheese cake.




Celebrate Learn Investigate