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Countdown to Summer and World Watercolor Month

I always find the last few days before the kids break up for summer so weird and unproductive. A mild panic sets in. I ask myself questions like ‘What will I not be able to do for the rest of the summer that I should squeeze in quickly?’

One thing for sure is to go out to lunch with Phil ūüíô

Last year I was so surprised at how often I got to paint, early but not too early, mornings. This time I fancy practising my drawing skills with pencil and pen.

Whether or not I’ll have time to do mamy watercolors for World Watercolor Month time will tell.

Thanks to Jill and my scrapbooking leftovers, mixed media is never far from my mind. I quickly added a simple boat to an old painting just to play around a bit. I’ll try newspaper next.

The lady at the pet shop gave me a grwat idea for next year’s Art at the Marina. I should find another artist and go halves. Great tip!

What would you do before the kids break up?

Have a great day!

Catherine ūüíôūüé®

Bat #Inktober #drawlloween


Not phased by the bat prompt H asked to do some drawlloween pics.

There is a bat on the chin. I thought she was going to stop at the skull. I love what she created. It’s way better than mine.


A kid’s version of a bat with zentangles. This could easily be a scary cartoon character.


And finally a ghost with curly hair. I’m so inspired by H’s creativity.


I put a few Halloween characters in the bat wings. There’s fangs, a cat, cobwebs, witch’s nose and a ghost.

Here’s a list of what to draw next if anyone wants to join in.


Happy creating!


One a Day: Dots


It’s International Dot Day today!

With so many kids here painting I didn’t actually do one myself.

My curtain rod got pulled down when Sandy went sniffing for a kid hiding behind the curtain. So now I’m curtainless in the bedroom for two weeks until Phil gets back from his travels.

I invited the kids to stay for pizza but they got so excited at the table I had to take one to the bathroom.

Meanwhile the other kids decided to leave the table and go play outside leaving uneaten pizza for the dog to eye up. I don’t think she got any but it was close lol.

What a fun evening!

I got dots:







Little artists at work.

Read more about Dot day at Beths.


One a Day: Turtle

While the kids were playing I sketched a close up of a turtle from a photo I took at Greenview Aviaries.





Speeding past a cop car tut tut lol


Are you fit to drive?


Onion Art


We’re going veggie here with our¬†kids’ art today. Whiff, cry inducing onions are the¬†paintbrush of choice today.

There’s onion Art:

and there’s onion art

Art In Red Onion Swan – Vegetable Carving Garnish:

And there’s borrow some young volunteers to do some art¬†with onions for the first time:

 wpid-2015-06-07-17.24.07.jpg.jpegFun with onions

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Onion poem for adults (Ode to an Onion by Pablo Naruda)

And here’s one for kids and adults: (Franky the Onion and Garlic the Kid¬†by Jeff Mondak)

Anyone got an onion poem just bursting to come out?



Kids Straw Blowing Art

I’m starting something new on Mondays about art for kids or by kids.

WIN_20150530_132356WIN_20150530_131902 WIN_20150530_132014WIN_20150530_131835WIN_20150530_132100WIN_20150530_133611WIN_20150530_133618WIN_20150530_133405WIN_20150530_133631

Today I have a video of my kids and their friend using straws to make pictures. I love how my youngest did a scene and the older kids did abstracts and then mushed all the colours together. They definitely played with their paints. They played around with sponges too.



Getting crazy near the end they all did hand prints and this monkey decides to carrying on painting up his arm. I haven’t seen him paint in so long, this is great to watch:


If anyone paints with their kids and would like to send me a picture of it. I’d love to share it on a Monday some time.

Have a great day!


Seahorse Art & Poems

are so magical for kids and adults, magical and dreamy.

They are a perfect fit for watercolors.

My seahorse is available as a print on Society6

It’s like Pinterest over there but just artwork mmm…






seahorse art by Rachel Russell done using zentangles









Kids can make this colorful seahorse craft

seahorse craft

Want to make an Andy Warhol style image?

This site does it for you for free.

seahorse-ConvertImage (2)








(Thanks Sylvia for sending me in the right direction)

Want to see real seahorses in action? I love the ones that look like they were in a fight with some seaweed:

Is it¬†time for a poem since it’s Poetry Friday?

How about this wistful poem by the super talented and possibly wistful, David Elliot from his poetry book, In the Sea (I have this book, it is lovely!)

Poetry Friday is hosted by Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche¬†and do check out her DigiLitSundays while you’re there.

Have a great weekend!


Big Sun



Armadillo Art & Poems


 Armadillo by Fred Lordarmadillo

It should be Armadillo Day today. Let’s pretend it is ūüėČ

Douglas Florian has written an Armadillo poem. with a picture too.

Here’s a fun poem by Eric Ode and here¬†is¬†a cute Armadillo poem

And what about a Limerick for some more poetry candy.

If you know more Armadillo poems, please share them in the comments section and I’ll add them to the post.

Here’s my colorful armadillo


Kids can learn to draw one using this step-by-step guide:



This dog looks very happy playing with an armadillo who isn’t scared at all:


Matt Forrest is hosting Poetry Friday today and he has some great news and a shop full of poetry candy to read.




Wordless Wednesday: Alien in the Sand


Wordless Wednesday