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#Inktober Day 5 Sad



took a quick nibble
looked up to an empty field
the vanishing flock

It’s fun to try haiku/Senryu again and match it to the prompt.

I think we should make up some daily prompts to keep this going after Inktober.

Any sad haikus out there?

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨

#Inktober Day 2: Noisy Sheep


Bleat! Bleat!


#Inktober Day 1 Fast

So it’s Inktober time again. Last year I did the Halloween prompts. This year I’m sticking to sheep following Jake Parker’s daily prompts:


Join in for a laugh.

My sheep is a bit lame. I hope to improve by the end of the month.


Happy creating!
Catherine 🐏



Scarecrow for day 29 #drawlloween2015


This is very simple but I’m pleased I knew where to put the shadows. Maybe next time I’ll go wild and put them on the ground too.

This is H’s jack o lantern. I need to scoop out the middle before tomorrow but I’ve got quite an elaborate werewolf to do so maybe I should start that first. Yikes! M wants to carve I am so scared lol.

Got a guinea pig issue first. One keeps biting the other. I knew they had squealing sessions but we assumed the lack of fur in one part was from rubbing his back against the cage not naughty Johnny. They were particularly bad this morning so I need to separate them.

Phil is away toppling batman off a surf board in Cancun (I kid you not) so I have to make the executive decision to get another cage yikes! I’m not happy about cleaning two though woah.

Happy creating even it’s a pumpkin design.


Cat for Day 28 #drawlloween2015

Okay folks, after a stormy night here and a fresh subject (the cat) I have mustered up an entry for the lovely Susanna’s Halloweensie contest.

Here goes nothing:

Flag & Flustered

On a blustery night
When a storm whipped through
Some cats flew in
As the wind blew and blew.

A flustered old witch
Called out for her Fluffy
But back called Sam
And his friends Fred and Stuffy.

Well the wild wind had stirred
Their hair up nice and good
The witch did not recognise
Her cat as she should.

‘Oh why do you not come?’
A forlorn witch wailed.
And Fluffy screeched ‘Up here!’
From the flagpole she sailed.

Oops I forgot there were assigned words. Always breaking rules oh well it’s for entertainment only 😜


Gore for #drawlloween2015 Day 23

If I was better at drawing I’d probably have to put a warning up about scaring anyone because today’s word is gore.

You’ll be too busy laughing at the leg.


Was it too lazy to avoid the details of the toes by cutting them off? 😉

The completely unnatural leg lent itself to a fence post so I naturally obliged:


If you find a leg fence poem bursting at your seams, feel free to share it in the comments.

I’ve got quite a few photo and drawing apps on my phone now. I used PicsArt to do these.


and this one


which seems perfectly creepy for Halloween.

Happy Creating!


Demon for #drawlloween #inktober


I found a demon in a hoodie
Doing things he no no shouldie
Told a joke. It wasn’t goodie.
To my no good hoodie buddy.

Did he shout?
Did he scream?
‘Tell me more,”
He licked ice cream.

Demon started laughing loud
Drew a bigger demon crowd.

Panic not I told myself
Thank goodness I’m the jokester elf.

Anyone got a better demon poem?


Bat #Inktober #drawlloween


Not phased by the bat prompt H asked to do some drawlloween pics.

There is a bat on the chin. I thought she was going to stop at the skull. I love what she created. It’s way better than mine.


A kid’s version of a bat with zentangles. This could easily be a scary cartoon character.


And finally a ghost with curly hair. I’m so inspired by H’s creativity.


I put a few Halloween characters in the bat wings. There’s fangs, a cat, cobwebs, witch’s nose and a ghost.

Here’s a list of what to draw next if anyone wants to join in.


Happy creating!


#Inktober #drawlloween Frankenstein’s Monster

There is no more interesting character than Frankenstein’s monster and after seeing that as the #drawloween prompt today I had to join in. Next year I’ll know to join from the start and actually have a theme running 😉

I love this painting of Frankenstein’s monster I found on Pinterest so that was my muse.


I never know when to stop painting but I seem to have a better grasp on when to stop drawing. Here it is a bit earlier:

Notice if you don’t get the proportions and likeness right at the start you’ve got no chance later on.

I fancy painting a Frankenstein monster some time. Check out more at #drawlloween.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving #Inktober


Drawing it instead of eating it.
Gobble gobble!