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One a Day: Anthology Illustration


A few of us are writing stories for an anthology for a Sturge Weber charity to benefit Robyn’s son, Christopher. Just highlighting the cause is a great thing.

I just contributed a poem, so I’m glad I was able to contribute an illustration too.

Happy writing/painting!

anthology pic

Fire Engine Lighthouse

WIN_20150326_165640Fire Engine Lighthouse

I added a mischievous dog and a pie to the poem so my original picture didn’t work anymore. I did add a dog to it using Corel Draw but as you can see neither dog is anything to shout home about. I think the original lighthouse below is better though. What to do?

fire enginedog

Pie woof!

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#ShineALight on Society6


All hail to Teresa for telling me about this funky place 😉

Society6 sells your artwork on all kinds of products like jewellery, t-shirts, mobile phone cases, prints. It was founded by Justin Cooper, Lucas Tirigall-Caste and Justin Wills.

As of yesterday I have this lion picture available as prints and mobile phone cases. I couldn’t up the pixels to get it on mugs and t-shirts. I’ll work on that.


Right now I’m up loading my zebra picture.


Obviously they take a big cut for selling it for you and putting it on all those things. I haven’t got those capabilities and I’m not a renowned artist with huge selling power so this is perfect.

Something to get excited about is they have a blog with featured artists on. Their traffic is huge! I can’t find the stats right now but just imagine mine with about five noughts on the end and that’s what they get weekly.

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Anyone else want to do it? Check out the Society6  website. It’s so easy and you keep the rights to your work so you can sell it anywhere else you like.

Have a great day! Get painting 😉



Artist Nick Moscovitz on Instagram


I think on quiet Thursdays I’m going to share an artist from Instagram. The first one I pick is a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Illustrator and Artist.  He is an amazing artist!


His Instagram handle is @nickmoscovitz. I’ve also just found him on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/capellasistin/



Clark Gable


Barak Obama


 Julie Andrews


Oprah Winfrey

Aren’t they amazing! So if you are on Instagram go check him out. I believe he even takes requests. I can’t believe he is following me and comments too. What a guy!

Here’s how you do it lol:

p.s. my One a Day today is revising a poem. I’ve been to school handing out milk.

Have a great day!


#ShineaLight on Carrots (again)

carrot Thanks to my nine year old I now have a fun helicopter element to this zany scene. Matthew really wanted the carrot to go running all around town shooting carrots from it’s nostrils. Fun idea but I doubt I could draw it.

Here are my sketches before I picked the boy:

WIN_20150223_075135Oops I didn’t take a good picture. I was going to put a danger do not wear orange sign up. We’ll see. Now that the boy is taking the lighthouse to the zoo the poem will change drastically anyway.

Did you know my good friend, Yvette is now a WordPress blogger? Check out her new blog here. She writes MG fantasy for children and leads our Writing for Children WANA group.

I followed a heap more blogs after reading this birthday post celebrating fifty great blogs. They are really good ones too. Check them out at Hugh’s Views and News here.

Have a great day!




#MoP15 Day 22: Wordy Wildebeest

Well this is fun! I like the different tones of the picture in different lights as the day got brighter this morning.

I really fancy making cartoons with my wordy wildebeest who is from Weirdo Zoo. the lions are the enemy so I’d best practice them too.

You wanted a poem as well yikes!

Will da beast listen

Stop reciting for a minute.

It would be wise for him

to watch his back.

A stealthy and wealthy lion

approaches and poaches



Catherine Johnson, 2015.


This sounds very similar to the original Wordy Wildebeest poem. I must think of more fun ideas then I can keep the shenanigans going.





#MoP15 Day 17: Christmas Tree

WIN_20150116_041503 (2)


The Christmas Tree

Pulled violently from my slumber
My branches moan and creak
stretching out
some bent
some limp
My stomach recoils as I am thrown on a roof
I’m horizontal and moving
Slow down
Suddenly I am upright again
Going to a place I’ve never been
It’s warm here
I might like it.
Kids start pulling on my limbs.
While they are not looking
I bend and shake my branches.
That feels better
Dangly things are slipped noisily onto my branches.
Children are laughing
delighting in me
I hear music
all is well
until they strip me bare and toss me on the lawn.

Catherine Johnson, 2015.

It’s Saturday so it’s the Saturday challenge on the Mop blog (and I didn’t miss it this time ;)) Today’s theme is personification. So you talk about an object or idea like they are a real human. I had forgotten that you can do that in third person but for the Christmas tree (which just popped into my head) I think it suits first person.

I’m off to my son’s hockey match soon and then hopefully we’re going to watch Paddington. I’ll try not to think how many eBooks I could buy with just one bag of popcorn. Actually none because popcorn isn’t a currency. Oh dear I’ve hit silly hour early.

Have a great day everyone!


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#MoP15 Day 14: Ring The Bell!

WIN_20150113_065342Inspired by Sylvia’s shoe city yesterday I drew this clown house and made a funny doorbell that pings out at you when you ring it (you couldn’t tell that from my illustration? ;)) so anyway isn’t it super hard to draw small people and tell what they are doing, thinking etc.

I wanted this:

I think it will take some practice. I’ll have to study Homer lol.

I also messed around with making a cover:


I know it needs a bit of work not to look so amateur. The problem is I kind of like the amateur look, it’s cooky 😛

Last but not least I need a poem for the doorbell thingy. I don’t want to think about form just yet with this one.

Ring! Ring!

Not again!

Squirt! Squirt!

I did this yesterday

and the day before

Silly Bert!

You’d think

I’d learn


My friend Frank

likes a prank

Coffee at mine tomorrow

ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Catherine Johnson, 2015.


Okay that’s super rubbish, but I have to write one a day, gotta start somewhere.

Go have some fun today folks!





#MoP Day 6: Pumpkin Lighthouse



Thanks for stopping by

Bat and Witch.

You made this old pumpkin lighthouse smile.

See you next Halloween

Or stay and enjoy the surf.

Witch can ride the waves.

Bat can hang with the gang.

Catherine Johnson, 2015.


I forgot to mention that the last couple of poems have been an attempt at personification from the p.o.v. of the lighthouses. It seems kidlike but I’m not sure if they even sound like poems. Sorry this weirdo is mentioning Halloween already 😉

Pop on over to Kidlit411.com for their birthday celebrations, lots of prizes up for grabs!


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#MoP15 Day 4 Plane Lighthouse


‘Engines ready?…Check.’

‘Safety equipment?…Check.’

‘Directions of route?…Check.’

‘Not cleared for take off?’…

‘What? Am I a lighthouse?’

(‘err…Yes,’ said the author)

‘Oh!’ said the pilot. ‘Darn!’

Catherine Johnson, 2015

Well yesterday was supposed to be a poem of colour on the Mop blog but I forgot I couldn’t access the page on my tablet. I tried all day and still didn’t remember 😉 So this morning I read some of the other poems and will remember for next time.. oops!

It turned out I wrote four first drafts yesterday and picked this one to share with you today just so I can ask if you think it’s okay to say darn lol.

Since I am posting daily now I get the pleasure of joining my talented artist friend, Sylvia Liu in her daily post blog venture.


Swing on by and have a great day!