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A Christmas Flock

Folks flocked to see the Christmas miracle.
Fleeces rubbed together for warmth.
Children baaed and hoofed around.
The shepherd looked on in delight.
The sheep put on their fine display
Without realizing they were even in a play.
‘It’s a Christmas mutton!’
‘Nay lad, Suffolk sheep these are.’

The sheep dreamt of fairy lights and odd humans that night.
They awoke to the sound of merry bleating as before the flock stood three wise shepherds.

‘We are here to announce the joining of our flocks. May the flock be with you.’

A very Merry Fleecemas to you all x

Ewe News


Good morning folks! Welcome to Ewe News or Ewe Knews if already heard it.

Today we visit Spain where hundreds of bewildered sheep are asking in vain where the grass is.

I managed to get a bleat from a sheep on the street and she said, ‘It’s baaarmy!’ She’s either from Yorkshire or she’d had too much Madrid sun.

I told her not to buy tickets online for the next Transhumance festival even if they were a baaargain.

Any sheep news to report?

Have a great week from Ewe News.


Ewe Knews


Introducing a new news segment today folks. Ewe News will be every Monday and it would be fun if the news reader had a name. Any suggestions?

On with the news. Ms. Ewe (I will call her for now. Looks more like a guy but I forgot horns 😉) doesn’t like to report the worst news it brings her out in a rash so we endeavor to only share interesting/funny stuff.

Today’s news is about a cat who thinks she’s a sheep and becomes their leader.

That’s all the news we have this week. See ewe next Monday for more Ewe Knews.

Have a great week!

Catherine 🐑🎨


#inktober2016 Relax, Wet and Battle

After a weekend of fun including riding on a mechanical bull at my friend’s surprise 40th birthday party


I’m feeling very inspired. Painted up a treat this morning:

It pays to do a batch because you are just warming up with the first ones. So instead of painting every day I’m going to batch paint and upload dry ones on different days to my Society6 and Etsy shop.

The last few inktober sketches are:



and today’s Battle


The steady munching of grass
Hinted at a calm ambience
But after the rain
Things went

That was fun to write. I think I’ll save the next few for Friday. Bring your poem heads!

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨



I’ve been under the weather this week so I’ll just leave you with something nice and peaceful and sheepy 😉

Make some noise at the weekend! The kids will be it’s a P.A. day tomorrow. That’s why I’m posting early. Have a good one!




Ricky’s First Video

Happy Friday everyone! Everyone is feeling much better in the house so we dared to make our first art video. Don’t laugh at my editing skills lol. I really must make-shift a tripod so I don’t have to hold the camera.

Ack my voice lol. I meant to do one where he accidentally knocks things over and they add a great element to the painting. Knowing my luck we’d have a waterfall off the art table.

What should Ricky paint next? An abstract?

Have a great creative weekend!



Yoga or Collapsed Sheep?


I’m betting this sheep can’t get up again. It’s been at least a week since I did yoga so I’m off to do it right now.

It’s so liberating to switch up your priorities every now and again. I wonder if the guitar will come out today too.

Yoga anyone? Please go to YouTube and watch the Ghandi one. I couldn’t post it here it has a bit of swearing in unfortunately.

This one is just really silly

Have a great day!


Convenient Hobby


Jerry pretended not to notice the source of his wool

But Gerald filed that little misdemeanor away for later.


One a Day: A Commission Sort Of


I have my first commission lol. It’s Phil for his office and he wants a big version of this.

I told Matthew and he said ‘for money?’ I cracked up.

Yes daddy who brings the money in can pay me who doesn’t for a painting. Too funny!

Hannah also had me in stitches this morning complaining about the man pants I put her in in a photo and did I really teach her to do press ups that young.

Have you had a laugh today yet?


One a Day: Czech Undies


This is reminding me of Ode to Underwear by Helaine Becker.

Check out this funny story in the news brought to us by funny gal Jenny Hansen.