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Marsh Sheep

D’is sheep is chill
So mallow
So marsh
Marsh Mallow

Happy long weekend to Canadians. Hubby is off next week so I will be on the hunt for my next interesting found sheep as we travel about. Have a good one!

A fEwe more days of hols

Sheep dip
Ewe renew
Baaa..ck to school.

CJ 🎨


One a Day: Smoothie


Using coconut milk this time thanks to August who mentioned it in hers. It needed something extra so I shaved the berry smoothie ice block into it. Worked a treat!

Phil is off for two weeks and we’ll have family visiting so I don’t know what shenanigans we’ll be up to but I have my next photos lined up to draw so we’ll see.

Still another four weeks of hols here. Can you believe it.

I watched a fab video on Facebook yesterday from Sandi Krakowski. It was about focus and support from family. It’s like she’s a mind reader. Check out her Facebook page if you want to watch it too.

Have a great weekend!


Write Campaign Challenge 3

I’m being naughty posting twice in one day. I just couldn’t wait to join in with this one 🙂 Rachael is at it again with challenge 3. Check out the other entries here. Mine is no. #34

In 300 words or less, excluding the title, show that it is:

  • Morning
  • A man or woman or both is at the beach
  • That the MC is bored.
  • That something stinks behind where she/he is sitting.
  • Something surprising happens.

Involve all five senses and include the random words synbatec, wastopaneer and tacise.

  • Stay in the moment
  • Avoid summarizing
  • Avoid the passive i.e. was
  • Avoid feel
  • Use memories, things the character notices etc. as well as physical actions.

Mine is called: The Beached Whale

Rose looked forward to the mud pools and spa treatments she planned to have on her luxury holiday. She knew they cost a lot at home and really looked forward to the holiday indulgence. As the orange red hue rose slowly above them, Rose and her husband, Vince lay down on sun loungers, wanting to make the most of their first day. The wastopaneer heat surprised them. After twenty minutes of pretending to enjoy it, Rose fidgeted and tossed and turned.

“What’s wrong with you? Can’t you just relax? We’re on holiday for tacise sake!”

Vince stood up, the heat rising in his face complemented his MUFC towel perfectly.

“Will you sit down!” hissed Rose. “Everyone on the beach can hear you.”

Vince stuffed his hand into the beach bag and pulled out his ipod. Rose rolled her eyes and decided to go for a walk around the complex.

Vince fell asleep, leaving his back to burn where his hand print didn’t reach, as he drifted off to neverland. He neither saw, nor heard the fracas behind him as row upon row of holiday makers fled in fear from the flood of thick gray mud oozing out of the pool and spreading like spilled milk all over the beach.

Rose heard screaming and came running around the corner of Synbatec Hotel just in time to see her husband disappear under the hot mud. His rounded figure in gray said it all.

“Oh no!” Rose clapped her hands to her cheeks. “My husband is a beached whale.”