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Poem for the #Leafs


Texture of Life

Freeze frame fun

Climbing to new heights

Teamwork or

doing your own thing:

A textured life.

What a busy weekend with the kids first outdoor game and meal together at Mamo Burger and now I have a kid home sick and a dog with conjunctivitis. Vets tomorrow for her annual.

This mixed media is a small 5 x 7 using Liquitex Ceramic Stucco for the textured parts.

More texture coming soon! Try it.

Happy creating 🎨


Macro Monday: Hockey Skates

It is bitterly cold out there today brrr….

Now I’m back in the warmth I can focus on Macro Monday hockey.

Of course Monday is all about The Voice Macro Monday so let’s focus (pun intended) on photography and get all thoughts about tonight’s final into the background.

Oops! How did that get there?

I have lots of macro shots saved up but since I have clearly lost the plot I took some new ones 😉




Maybe only one of these is zoomed in enough to be macro. I like the variety of the images considering it’s just one hockey skate.

And it’s just one final. Oh shut up Catherine. How am I going to make it through the day? What are you excited about today? I bet it’s not the weather.

Have a great day!



Dance, it’s Saturday!


After watching the local team play hockey last night, we’re back there this morning for my son’s hockey game. It’s like our second winter home lol.

Let’s dance!


Day Tripping Sheep


Looks like Sheepy is going to town just like that funny sheep movie, Shawn the Sheep The Movie. Anyone seen that movie?

We’re going to see Kung Fu Panda later after hockey. And speaking of hockey, Matthew won the puck throw last night at the Kingsville Kings game. It’s the first time we stayed to watch. How cool! They won 10-1 too. Fun times.

Hope you guys are having fun today.


Hockey Sheep

hockey sheep

If sheep played hockey the wool would be their padding.
they’d better learn to skate.
their team work would excel.
don’t let the ram on the ice.

I was super impressed there was only one fight and not much shoving into the boards. (What a softie I am ;))

My son had a super controversial game on Saturday. So many life lessons right there on the ice. I hope it fires them up for next time.
The Flyers were definitely fired up last night.

Is it okay to talk about being fired up on #mlkday?

Have a peaceful day everyone (unless you’re playing hockey then hustle ;)).



Medal for most dedicated
Game lost but hearts won
A tonne of growth this year
Hooray for great coaches
I’m going to miss the adrenalin rush
and this lovely team of boys.
Till we meet again!