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Happy Easter!

Bleats from the meadow
Echoed down through the valley
Easter’s happy song

Happy Easter to Ewe all! 🐰🐑💚😊

Mike’s Haikus

Well that was a nice long weekend for U.S. and Canadians. Everyone feeling refreshed? 😉

I have finally discovered how to put a promotion on for Weirdo Zoo so the ebook will be free from 18th-22nd Feb yay!

Do you all remember Mike who I drew with plaits that time? 😉 I asked him back since it is Month of Haikus and he loves haikus! He wrote these for us:

Early one morning
I watched an inchworm scoot by
His abs were so ripped

Long ago I lived
In a house made of bacon
Until I ate it

I’ve often wondered
Why they call them “unicorns”
Aren’t they “unihorns?”

There’s no school today
Everyone has to stay home
Because of zombies

A bird in the hand
Is better than on one’s head
Wouldn’t you agree?


He puts some beautiful pictures up on Facebook of his native Norway, isn’t it lovely.




There’s a good introduction to haikus here with examples.

Jeanne has written a lot of haikus recently too. Check them out here.

Freeda wrote some good ones for St. Valentine’s Day here.

Does this make you want to write your own haikus? Visit Norway? :0) Feel free to add some of your own in the comments.

Have a great week!


Little Red Riding Haikus

Month of Poetry is going really well, the poems are delightful and the cameraderie is awesome. Kat set us a challenge to write Rapunzel in haikus and being more familiar with Little Red I decided to do Little Red Riding Hood instead.

The stories were so fun and clever, Mary Lee Hahn’s Little Red was amazing, and there was a Goldilocks one. Here’s mine. I’m going to learn more about shading thanks to Jeanne and her eggs and maybe work on the cape a bit more.


Little Red Riding Hood in Haikus

little girl, doted on
A cape made for her
Riding Hood

here’s a basket of cakes
Granny’s not feeling well
be a dear, Red

Little Red met a wolf
she gobbled through his mind

Afraid of woodcutters
not gobbled yet
hatches plan

where are you going?
to grandmother’s house

now with directions
one runs, one saunters
meet you there

wolf gobbled grandma
hopped into bed

little Red arrives
deep voice booms
who’s there?

what big ears you have
all the better to hear you
sharpen up

what big eyes you have
all the better to see you
watch out

what a big mouth you have
all the better to eat you
gobble gobble

full belly, wolf sleepy
huntsman cuts the out
refills with stones

Little Red Writing Hood, 2014.

Anyone fancy trying this with a fairytale?