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Sheep Dip

Lost in a mysterious world
Where only one name exists
Marco Polo

Baseball and Soccer Sheep

As baseball season ends (and what a fun season it was), I have to recognise this big part of summer with a sheep. Soccer season is almost done too so it’s a sporty mix.

I bet there are lots of sheep to be found in fall and winter too.

When kids go back to school I want to do a post about social media, specifically promoting friends who don’t do the same thing as you.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! 😊🌞


Marsh Sheep

D’is sheep is chill
So mallow
So marsh
Marsh Mallow

Happy long weekend to Canadians. Hubby is off next week so I will be on the hunt for my next interesting found sheep as we travel about. Have a good one!


Black Bean and Headphones Sheep

Black bean sheep of the family
Does her own thing.
Headphones block out the dissent.


Sandy the Beach Sheep

Driftwood stopped drifting
to become
A close knit community


Found Sheep Series

Hi folks! Hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying summer.

I thought I’d dip my toes back into blogging slowly by showing you some found sheep.

The kitchen, beach and park are three good sources of materials for a found project.

Anyone fancy trying it. Maybe a found bird?

Happy Summer! 🌞