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Texture of Life

Freeze frame fun

Climbing to new heights

Teamwork or

doing your own thing:

A textured life.

What a busy weekend with the kids first outdoor game and meal together at Mamo Burger and now I have a kid home sick and a dog with conjunctivitis. Vets tomorrow for her annual.

This mixed media is a small 5 x 7 using Liquitex Ceramic Stucco for the textured parts.

More texture coming soon! Try it.

Happy creating 🎨

#MoP15 Day 29: Never Do Crafts Wearing White



It’s hard to get kids off their screens

Give me ideas by all means.

Crafts and play dough get the green light.

Oh never do crafts wearing white.


Made 20 suggestions for play

But my kids just ran far away.

I say crafts, they run out of sight,

Oh never do crafts wearing white.


One school morning with time to spare,

My daughter sat down in a chair,

With a chalk maker, to my delight.

Oh never do crafts wearing white.


So happy was I, I forgot,

The most important part of this plot,

An apron, oh dear what a sight,

Oh never do crafts wearing white.


Catherine Johnson, 2015.


I still have hope that I can get the  blue stain out. I tried bleach this morning and that failed 🙁 Why do girls have to look so sweet in cream?

This was written in the Kirielle form.

For One a Day I thought a sketch of The Scream would be a perfect fit