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Portrait of a Legend

On May 1st 1994, I was out half the day at an open karate competition. Being from Tae Kwon-Do where you can only do touch contact it was going to be a tough competition. It was the first competition my grandma came to watch and I pretty much had my nose broken. Great. Thanks for coming Grandma. All those easy wins and you couldn’t show up to those lol.

On the way home I was anxious to catch up with the Grand Prix. I don’t know why we didn’t set it to record. Now I’m glad we didn’t. As I sat on the couch the news came on and gave me the biggest shock of my life. The rest is history but even watching the first part of this video I have learned something I didn’t already know. Senna used to live in England. Fancy that.

Every year I think I’ll do his portrait and every year I think I can’t do it. This was my first attempt this year:

Doesn’t even resemble him.

And this is my second:

I’m hoping a book I’m reading called Sketching in 5 Minutes will help me. I’m determined to draw the Leafs next. Inspired as always by Jill who is doing great with portraits and Nora McPhail who rocks the cafe sketching.

I know there are guys out there who only paint cows and even only use one medium, say oils, but it really is good to experiment and broaden your skill set.
If Senna had retired and turned to art, I bet he would have learnt it all. He was a master of focus, passion and commitment. His legacy will forever live on.

R.I.P. Senna


The Monaco Grand Prix is today. The track is really wet. I hope it’s not going to be a huge pile up. Visibility is terrible and there’s hardly anywhere to overtake.

Close up from Nico’s car:

I found an amazing artist who paints famous actors. Here is the late ever beautiful Princess Grace of Monaco:

I can’t draw Princess Grace or a grand prix car but while I’m watching I’ll attempt a yacht since that is a big status symbol of Monaco.


Basic, loose but watery looking which is appropriate and convenient 😝

I’ve been to Monaco twice, once just a week before the gp with an au pair family. Up the hill in Menton we could have seen the track but no one takes kids to Monaco during gp week. I bet prices jump too. I was too young to think like that though. I can chuckle about it now.


Anyone tried to paint a car before?

Happy Sunday!

Catherine 🏁🎨💙



One a Day: Jules Bianchi


The eyes aren’t as wonky as usual but the ears aren’t the same size so that makes up for it lol. Still shocked this young driver is no longer with us.



#JulesForever #Jules


Revving up for the Canadian Grand Prix

I’m on a mission this year, to renew my enthusiasm for F1 and get the kids interested in Formula One so I can get to watch it in peace. Last year I watched barely a handful of grand prix and with Lewis and Button doing so well these days I’ve just got to get back in the saddle. In the old days of Senna (absolutely huge Senna fan!) I wouldn’t even have a bathroom break I was so utterly devoted/addicted/mental about it. But Senna deserves a whole post of his own, so forget about him today.

On Sunday it is the Canadian Grand Prix. Why don’t I just pop over there? You wonder. Well I’m sorry but it’s as far from here to Montreal as it is from England and just as expensive to get there probably. So I will be watching it with kids jumping all over me and the dog biting my ankles or something like that. Church has never been more convenient because it doesn’t start until 11 am giving me loads of time to watch a race and then get ready to go.

I’d rather watch a Grand Prix than just about anything else. I’ll never forget in the height of Senna driving I was au-pairing in Paris and a grand prix was about to start. The husband was totally into it too, so I thought quids in, this is great. We were about to eat dinner and you could see the tele from the table when his wife came home and instantly turned the tele off a few laps in. Now in my mum’s house back home, I could have done any manner of things to get that tele back on, but living in someone else’s house no sirry. We talk at dinner not watch tele. Well no one spoke, you could have cut the air with a knife. Up until that point, I don’t think I’d missed a single grand prix.  I promised myself there and then that when I have a family, passions are more important than rituals. Has that ever happened to you? Where you wanted something so badly and it was refused you?