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Happy Easter!

Bleats from the meadow
Echoed down through the valley
Easter’s happy song

Happy Easter to Ewe all! 🐰🐑💚😊

Happy Easter!

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Does this count for Cathedral for now? 😉 Can you spot the Easter eggs and crosses? The paint ran down the slope a lot.


Easter Riddle

I saw a fun picture on my friend’s blog and had to write a poem to go with it. Let the mystery begin:

Bigger than most
a toast
abnormal growth
you’ve got to be

See here for the answer.


Peace, Photos and no Grottos ;)

These pictures are so beautiful. Feel free to think up metaphors for any of them. My parents crashed into a grotto yesterday so I’m a bit stumped for words. The throttle got stuck and they flew threw the air and landed on a grave stone. Mum’s got whiplash and bruising but no other injuries. The car landed in the grotto and has to be lifted out and the statue of Mary didn’t survive. I’m hoping looking at this pictures will help me to forget grottos a while 🙂 And yes they saw the funny side. They told me not to tell anyone, yeah right. That’s the funniest easter story I’ll ever hear I’ll keep that quiet. (It’s not like I’ve put any pictures on here of grottos, I can be discreet ;)) How was your Easter? Did you do anything a bit crazy like my parents?


Here Comes the Easter Bunny!

Hi everyone, on this Good Friday it’s Perfect Picture Book Friday again. I couldn’t find a religious one, but this looks very cute doesn’t it?

Duck & Goose – Here Comes the Easter Bunny! written and illustrated by Tad Hills,

Schwartz & Wade Books, Jan 2012, Fiction

Suitable for: Pre-schoolers

Themes/Topics:  Just a very simple, cute book for pre-schoolers about Easter.

Opening and brief synopsis:

Easter is tomorrow, Duck and Goose. You better find a good hiding spot if you want to see the Easter Bunny.

Duck & Goose are back! New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Tad Hills brings our favorite feathered friends out to celebrate spring in this sturdy board book. Duck & Goose have lots of ideas about how to find the Easter Bunny, but will they succeed? Preschoolers won’t be able to resist this latest board book featuring Duck & Goose, lots of colorful eggs, and the Easter Bunny.

Links to resources: The Easter Bunny poem Activities for Kindergarten age Easter Bunny Activity

Happy Easter everyone!

Do you like what I whipped up for Easter? (I wish)


AtoZ Poetry Challenge: Day 4 Eastersaurus

It’s day four of Rena Traxel’s AtoZ Poetry challenge and here is my last minute effort. I’m not sure if it fits the trimeter or not. Here goes:


Did you see Eastersaurus? A marvellous bird,
He hatched from an egg made of chocolate and curd.

He was named Eastersaurus when born Easter morn,
The first thing he ate was some crackers and corn.

He spat it all out and he ran to the yard,
where children were hunting and working real hard.

A scavenger hunt for the most Easter eggs,
they ran round in circles and tripped over legs.

Well that Eastersaurus he flapped and he cawed,
he trilled and he thrilled and he loudly guffawed.

The kids all fell silent, now stopped in their tracks.
They grabbed one last egg and ran off with their sacks.

Well young Eastersaurus he started to sing,
of heaven and Jesus and other church things.

The children returned and they learned quite a lot,
that Easter was more than the eggs that they got.

They sang with the bird and they went for a ride,
all sat on his back on this fine Eastertide.

They scattered their eggs to their friends down below,
and called to the children, “It’s Easter you know!”

The next year, they waited and hoped they would see
the same Eastersaurus that filled them with glee.


Easter break

What a busy fun-filled weekend we’ve just had. Hope you all feel rested, relaxed and renewed and I hope you all went to church at least once 😛 I could have done with a stiff drink after taking my two to church after the easter egg hunt in the house. Note to self to do that after church next year lol. Do you like the bunny ears? I’m not giving you the close up version 🙂 We tried to paint a couple of eggs and Matthew’s ended up grey. I don’t even think the Wild Kratts are supposed to be grey, nevermind.

Did you go on any egg hunts this Easter?