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Barns and Trees

Red barns give the eye a fun resting place. And they look great in cartoons.

Small barns/farm houses in the distance add character to a scene. You don’t need too many details when its in the distance.

The next checklist (though I haven’t finished with barns) is to try some abstract trees and sheep.

Collage is calling me too. What is calling you?

Blessings to Paris today x

Stamp it All

After this challenge, I’ll slow down on stamping absolutely everything ;).

Wilma thought the grass tasted funny in her new field and didn’t think anything of it that the tree was shrinking.

(Can you tell I read a lot of Teresa’s cartoons. I was trying to write a poem but this appeared.)

The tree bark, sky and sheep wool is from an eraser stamp. I carved every side. The green squares are from a small ink pad from my old scrapbooking supplies.

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨


Draw a Bird Day

Thanks to Teresa I know it’s draw a bird day today so I threw this together because that is my favorite challenge. Better a naff bird than no bird 🐦.


It’s a bit dark. Throw some snow at it.

Next time I shall spend way more time on it and paint one.

Any bird suggestions for next time?


Draw a Bird Day!

Swooping in at the last minute with a two minute birdie.


Sometimes it’s better when there’s no time to think.

Have a great day!

Catherine 🎨


#inktober2016 Flight and Fight


Fight for the right.


Flee with glee.


Soar for more.


Dine with a giant.

It’s been an interesting few days for the sheep and an interesting few days for my youngest. She ended up with a bit of a stick stuck in her cheek and the wait at the hospital was 6 hours. It was after midnight when we got home.

She’s fine now but I wish I’d just googled what to do like you do for everything else. Note to self get stocked up on butterfly stitches just in case.

On a more fun note it’s my bff’s 40th this week (yesterday) and she has a day off so we are going shopping yay!

A small deviation from hockey and painting. I feel like a real Canadian now I’m so into hockey.

Anyway back to sheep. Who can whip up a poem with any of these images?

Sometimes you aim for a poem and end up with a caption and that’s okay.

Have a great weekend!

Catherine 🎨






#SelfieArt Day

As well as being Good Friday, it’s also #SelfieArt Day again.


It’s less scary sideways 😜

I used a Faber Castell marker in warm grey which is a bit more forgiving than black especially when you put shading in.

Next time I fancy trying a more scribbled look like my recent animal sketches.

Take a look at Yvette’s selfie which is amazing!

It’s supposed to be a solemn day today but I’m so excited to go to a King’s game again. To the castle😁!

Have a wonderful Easter! See you on Monday for Macro Monday.



Draw a #Bird Day: Canada Goose

As a stroke of luck, I sketched a goose a couple of days ago, so I’m using that for draw a bird day.


I used a copyright free photo for the reference. You’d think I’d have my own by now living here but I’ve only gotten this close:


This is just down the road. When we went to Barrie with my parents we got quite close to them on the beach. My mum painted the photo:


I love the honk honk when they fly over.

Look out for all the other birds around the blogosphere today.

Happy creating!


Polar Bear

Polar Bear


There’s something about Polar Bears that is quite magical. They are strong and silent.

At the zoo once I felt some real polar bear fur. It was hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

They are quite scary creatures which makes this video quite a nice surprise:

Happy creating!



Sweet Dog Shelter Story

I was so touched by this sweet story I had to share it today.


Happy Sunday!



Drawing and Buckets

I didn’t get very far with my drawing. I blame hockey and yoga πŸ˜‰


WP has chopped his head off!

My daughter is learning about filling your bucket and not dipping into other people’s buckets.

Saturday seems a great day to fill buckets. We’ll have to wait a while before it’s with sand.

We’re off to see Zootopia then we’ve got friends coming. I’m thinking Saturday is becoming an art free fill your bucket kind of day.

If I do get some art time maybe I’ll paint a bucket. How are you going to fill your bucket today?

Happy Saturday!