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#inktober2016 Day 7 Lost


Can you believe it. I just bought a new Pentel pen brush and lost it on the first day.

Luckily I did a few prompts altogether but where oh where is it. No one is allowed to throw any bags out ūüėČ.

I hope this lost prompt doesn’t reach anyone else. And thoughts to those in Florida right now.

Happy Thanksgiving to Canadians for Monday. I’ll blog again on Tuesday.

Happy creating!

One a Day: Abstract Curls


Feeling curly

How about you?


Poetry Friday: The Red Pencil

Poetry FridayHappy Friday everyone! I’ve just read a beautiful novel-in-verse¬†about a girl caught up in a war but still with hope and big dreams. So inspiring!

And the doodle counts for my Create One a Day yay.



There’s an absolutely amazing review of The Red Pencil from an educational standpoint here¬†at The Classroom Bookshelf. It even talks about the meaning behind the importance of the moon in the book.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Heidi Mordhorst of My Juicy Little Universe today.


#ShineaLight on Carrots (again)

carrot¬†Thanks to my nine year old I now have a fun helicopter element to this zany scene. Matthew really wanted the carrot to go running all around town shooting carrots from it’s nostrils. Fun idea but I doubt I could draw it.

Here are my sketches before I picked the boy:

WIN_20150223_075135Oops I didn’t take a good picture. I was going to put a danger do not wear orange sign up. We’ll see. Now that the boy is taking the lighthouse to the zoo the poem will change drastically anyway.

Did you know my good friend, Yvette is now a WordPress blogger? Check out her new blog here. She writes MG fantasy for children and leads our Writing for Children WANA group.

I followed a heap more blogs after reading this birthday post celebrating fifty great blogs. They are really good ones too. Check them out at Hugh’s Views and News here.

Have a great day!




Trying to Draw an Eye

Eye see you. How creepy do these look altogether? I think it would have looked better if I’d done the basic first one to scale. There is too much white between the iris and the edge of the eye so the effect doesn’t work out right.

This is what it is supposed to look like:


Anyone fancy trying it?


Wildebeest Doodle Duo

WIN_20150131_045407I was doodling¬†a wildebeest¬†and I seem to stop at the head (bodies must overwhelm me) when Hannah butts in with a pen and finishes it off for me. I used to cringe thinking she’d ruin my picture. Now I know better, she makes my pictures way better.

Thanks, Hannah!

Want to join One a¬†Day a sketch, a meal or a thought. Even I can manage one thought a day ūüėČ

Enjoy the Superbowl!



#MoP15 Day 20: Tiger


I hope I don’t scare anyone with this doodle/sketch of¬†Tiger Stare by Kendall Kessler using Hannah’s light box. Sincerest apologies to Kendall. Look at the eyes they are not supposed to be that close together oh well.

Tiger Stare was my birthday present from my mum and I love it! The colours are out of this world. Kendall is so talented I could buy half her stash of paintings, honestly. I need a P.O.Box in the states.

The sketch is for One a Day and this poem is for MoP:

Tiger Stare

Stare and glare,

Flare bright,

Care and bare,

Rare sight.

Tiger stare.

Catherine Johnson, 2015.

I wrote two and this was the best of them, sorry lol.

Anyone painted a tiger recently?

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My Son’s Idea of Boxing Day


I love H’s new light sketch¬†pad. It’s going to be awesome for doodle-a-day, blog a day, waste the day lol. It looks even better when you take a photo of it with the flash on. Ethereal even.

Do you like the box with boxes idea? Have a chilled out Boxing day!



Another doodle & FREE Zompoemz eBook


Isn’t Halloween week fun! I am very excited to announce that Zompoemz eBook is free on Kindle until end of day on Friday! Please spread the word. Thank you!

Tomorrow I will post my Halloweensie contest entry. On Thursday we have another Halloween poetry prompt from our poetry genius Jeanne and Friday I have a picture book to share.


What a stroke of luck that Hannah decides to draw a zombie last night. Now we have another prompt. Yvette gave us a magical poem yesterday to go with Lynn’s doodle. Who will delight us today?

Catherine Johnson writes and illustrates poetry for kids. Her latest book is Zompoemz ebook of kids poems FREE through Halloween.


Doodling Dooda Lynn


Today I welcome my wana buddy Lynn Kelley to the blog to kickstart a week of Halloween/zombie celebrations. She is my first victim in a new feature where anyone can submit a doodle for Monday’s poetry prompt.

I am a huge fan of Lynn and her writing. Lynn’s latest book, Legend of Monster Island is the third book in the Monster Moon series which she co-writes with Kathryn Santa. (I’m about to read it can’t wait!)


Here is Lynn’s Halloween poetry prompt:

Halloween Doodle-loo 1 (5)
Isn’t that funky? Poem anyone?

Thanks Lynn!
untitled (7)

If you would like to submit a doodle poetry prompt, please email me at Catherine_mrsj@hotmail.com.

P.S. I’m going to blog everyday this Halloween week in celebration of Halloween books and my Zompoemz ebook. I’ll keep you posted when the free promotion starts. And of course let’s not forget Susanna’s Halloweensie contest!. Have a great day!