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A dog of champions
Who champions dogs
Rumpy 🐾⭐

(art by H 8yrs)

Sad news about dear Rumpy x

Sweet Dog Shelter Story

I was so touched by this sweet story I had to share it today.


Happy Sunday!



One a Day: Boy and Dog


I was going to pick the recipe I did yesterday but it was rubbish so I just whipped this up as you can tell.

The dog does look a bit like Sandy. The boy hmm well never mind.

Keep writing and drawing anyway. There’s always a point to it and if nothing else it’s therapeutic.


Fire Engine Lighthouse

WIN_20150326_165640Fire Engine Lighthouse

I added a mischievous dog and a pie to the poem so my original picture didn’t work anymore. I did add a dog to it using Corel Draw but as you can see neither dog is anything to shout home about. I think the original lighthouse below is better though. What to do?

fire enginedog

Pie woof!

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Woof! Woof!

2013-05-05 15.40.19
It’s about time I celebrated dogs on here for my doggy bloggy friends especially regulars RumpyDog and Rhythm.

Here are two wonderful reads all about dogs and they are verse novels. I read them lickety-split fast so they are ideal for summer.

dogThis is a story about a boy who finds his poetry voice thanks to paper and pen, his teacher and a dog.

littledogAnd this is a story about a dog who is lost and found and seems to have many owners, but where does he belong. Both are beautifully written.

And to try and get Matthew writing over the summer we co-wrote this poem:

Bark, Bark,

Woof! Woof!

doggie paddle

in the big blue pond

sees a fish then eats it

chomp, chomp,

fishy dinner

doggie paddle

Woof! Woof!

Barf! Barf!

by Matthew and Catherine Johnson

And this is a great post about dogs. One of the pictures even looks like Sandy.

I’m on a school trip Monday so I’m posting even earlier. Summer random schedule especially with my mum and dad arriving from England on Tuesday woo hoo! My picture book coursework is going to be even worse lol. What’s everyone doing this week?


Where for art thou Metaphor?

First off thank you to Lynn for the Sunshine award. Check out Lynn’s blog if you haven’t already, she is a lovely lady and a very talented poet.

Now it’s time for the new metaphor game. Before the ice disappeared I hoofed it down to the park to take some nice photos to use today. Get your game heads on and your chicken feathers ready!


Furry workout
Making strides
Ice bergs on Erie
Too many croutons in the soup
Ice stew
Frozen stream of thought
cold reflections

And here’s a poem I whipped up from last week’s metaphors:

What’s this? Corgi asks
Humans, so lame?
I enter the curvy snake
the subway for dogs
Will I escape unharmed
from this poor man’s winter croquet?

Any metaphors to add today? Or chicken cake recipes?

Oh and by the way it’s March break here next week and hubby is even taking the week off too, so I shall take a spontaneous blogging break. I’ll catch up on Twitter or Facebook 😉 and I also have a new idea for a Monday post that I’d love some feedback on. I’d like to post pictures from StumbleUpon that either inspire you or bring out the child in you and I thought it would be awesome if I had guests i.e. you lot, picking a picture, perhaps one of colour for your mood or a flower or a funny childish picture. Then pick words that you think of from looking at the picture and I will write you an inspiring poem for the week. Then you can put the whole post or just the picture on Pinterest. Therefore we get to use two relatively new things woo hoo! If I don’t have a guest one week, I’ll pick one. Do you like that idea?


Dog Cat Tease

This cat is seriously asking for trouble in this funny video:

Whether you are the cat or the dog or the elephant have a great week people. (Just kidding, that was a test to see if you were paying attention lol).

I’m going to try and post pictures or videos that are equally entertaining for adults and children as a bit of research into layering. It was Karen Collum that told me about layering in picture books being so important. I guess layering is important in YA too, but not so much in MG. Though HP was very popular with adults. I also think the more you surround yourself with elements of what you would like to achieve, i.e. a funny story, you are in the right frame of mind to do it. And if you’re not a writer just enjoy!


The girl who lost her curls

curls, bluebells, rabbit, startle

A little girl was walking in the woods with her mummy and daddy and their dog Rufus. Rufus was busy sniffing the ground and looking for rabbits, while the little girl was happy to toddle along. Mummy picked some bluebells for her little girl to carry and they explored the many paths around the woods. Then along came a rabbit out of the trees and startled the little girl. She threw the bluebells in the air and ran to her mummy. Rufus chased after the scatty rabbit and woofed it back into the trees…

okay I cheated a bit with this one, as it is based on a photo I have of myself as a little girl in the woods carrying bluebells (and we had a dog called Rufus)

Nevermind it is still a writing exercise. You can experiment with plots like this and change the characters around a bit. You could swap the rabbit for a muskrat or a deer perhaps. There could be two dogs and more children. There could be just your family in the woods or it could be packed with visitors.