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Child’s Play

I forgot to take pictures of some artwork the kids from down the street did.

The important thing is they left huge globs of bright paint around.

I cleaned it all up not wasting a morsel. What a quick and easy way to gain three more paintings. Three designs. Three splats that were not before. And now they be.

No paintbrushes needed just press the paper down and mop up.

There were one or two more that need some added extras for another day.

The good thing about this is you don’t need to fuss about composition or colors that match. Just play.

Happy creating!


Ewe Knews Cartoon Sheep

Hi folks!

Thanks for all the well wishes. Unfortunately they cancelled it at the last minute. It is now going to be in December right before my son’s birthday. So he has gone off to Europe to a big meeting he goes to this time of year. And I’ve got a birthday party to bring forward aargh!

Sheep news today is rather funny and who knew sheep could swim. Over to Acton news.


Local news is that I’m practising cartoon sheep to make some of my art a bit jollier and potentially for kids’ bedroom walls. We’ll see!

I did some research and copied a few I liked.

It’s funny how straight away there’s some styles I like and some not so much.

I wonder if you could mix cartoon sheep with a mixed media canvas. In Friday’s post I’ll demonstrate a couple of mixed media canvases I’m working on. I know Jill is great at mixed media. She inspires me every day.

Happy creating!



A Brush with Brusho

How magical does this sound. Crystal watercolor pigment that you sprinkle onto paper then spray with water and it brightens and spreads out. Such is the fun of working with brusho. Having watched a video about using it for backgrounds, I’m now addicted to playing with brusho on its own.




My daughter did the colorful one, it’s that easy. I love that you get perfect circles using bubblewrap. I hadn’t even thought to using bubblewrap for acrylics. That’s one to try in the future.

Here is a quick example of brusho in action:

And here’s a very intricate use of it for wings of a dragonfly to get that translucent look:

And here is the one showing how to use it for a landscape background:

So many different uses. Anyone tried brusho before?

Happy creating!
Catherine πŸ™‚


June Bugs!


Oh lovely June bug you haunt me so.
Either myself or you should go.
I can’t take any more of your devoted stalking.
It is most unpleasant out there walking.

And here’s a quick #naturedoodlewash of one:

These flies are abundant all along the coastline at this time of year. They usually die after a day or two then you are left with a squelchy mess to clear up. Our muscles are ready from snow shovelling.

If they arrive early in May instead of June you just change their name to May Fly.

My daughter loves them and after we got her all ready for a quick roller skate in her new boots this morning, she looked outside and saw the road (top photo) and took all her stuff off again.

At first I thought she didn’t want to get her skates messed up but she said she didn’t want to kill them. How sweet!
I’ve had many a June bug thrust in my face (thanks H).

Anyone else get them?

Catherine πŸ’™πŸŽ¨




Color is contained

Fluttering between the lines

Then learns to fly.


So yesterday I got brave and joined the Leamington art group. There was a flyer in the shop about Art at the Marina. There’s still a gap for vendors and boy do I have a painting stash to sell….so I might just do it.

The scary part is artists usually spend weeks getting organised for it and it’s in two weeks aargh!

I have no idea if you have to provide your own panels and desk. I’m thinking not nut you need someone to help you put it together – Phil? πŸ˜‚

He doesn’t know this plan yet he’s away every week at the moment. He’ll be thrilled to help on a Saturday morning. I wish I knew where to get matt boards but I might at least get frames for some of my watercolors. I think I also need something with my name on.

Is anyone else a last minute go for it person?

Catherine πŸ’™πŸŽ¨


Cone Flowers


Cone flowers bask in the sun

Ready to embark on a mission at a moment’s notice

Prettiest drones in the sky.


Let your imagination fly today!

Catherine πŸ’™πŸŽ¨





Humming in the heat

Gathering up a rainbow

Greetings to the dads.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads today πŸ’™πŸˆπŸŽΈβš½


Catherine πŸ’™πŸŽ¨





I didn’t get up at 3.30 as planned to watch the All Blacks πŸ˜‰ I don’t even know who won yet (quel horreur!).


I’ve been thinking of doing more close ups and maybe I should have started with them ages ago because this was so quick and easy.

He looks a bit French with the flag colors behind him.

A hot day at the soccer field is waiting for me. What fun things are you guys doing?

Happy Saturday!

Catherine πŸ’™πŸŽ¨


Green Parrot for #Naturedoodlewash

This photo is a little blurry which fits with watercolor I guess.


I was going to tinker with it some more but I think I’ll just start another parrot instead.

I love close-ups so maybe I’ll just do the head next.

Here’s what it looks like on different products in my Society6 shop:


Any of the arty folks find themselves drawn to painting things in their favorite colors? I seem to be. Name a turquoise animal lol.

We’re at kids’ soccer games all day tomorrow on a really hot day. Maybe I’ll sketch while I watch.

Have a great weekend!

Catherine πŸ’™πŸŽ¨


WishyWashy Works

This is one of those paintings where you are just using up the last bits of paint on your palette because there’s a stack of brushes needs cleaning and you might as well clean the palette at the same time.

20160612_160522~2Te curator at the art gallery yesterday was hilarious but one serious thing he told us was about some ‘sketches’ done outside then the ‘masterpiece done from the inspiration when they got home and it turns out the smaller ‘sketches’ are now worth more. Fancy that!

So if you think something is rubbish never bin it and don’t always paint over it. It might just become popular.

I’m hoping to squeeze in a #NatureDoodlewash today. If it rains I’ll do it inside.

Happy creating!

Catherine πŸ’™πŸŽ¨