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Undercover sheep
Missed the mark

I intended to add sheep but they were rubbish and I have a renewed enthusiasm for splatters.

Maybe the sheep will come back in the Spring 🐑. Or I’ll stick to charcoal sketches of them. Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨

New Start

The first day of school is so weird. I’m grateful for a bit of tennis to add some excitement and I’m super excited already that my son is with his besties and the best teacher. I didn’t think we’d be that lucky he had her last year. 🙌

So far I have cleared out a few toys (ssh! ;)) and tidied up my son’s room. I’ll hit my daughter’s tomorrow. Silly me thinking I’d do both. When you are not sure what to keep you shouldn’t rush it (says the hoarder).

I’m taking the dog for a walk next even though my son took her on a short one before school. Great idea to keep him off screens and ready for school without a thousand reminders.

I plan to blog on Mondays and Fridays and hope to tell you about the fabulous rock maker we watched in Blackpool next.


Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨


Draw a Bird Day and 3-day Quote Challenge



5 words

  • PicsArt_05-05-12.19.20



Back to One a Day

After watching this great video by Gary Bolyer about selling your art, I have decided to get back to my daily sheep.


What a great guy Gary is doing all these videos to help artists.


Since I am doing Kat Apel’s Month of Poetry in our group on Facebook it would be nice to share a poem on a Friday here and join in with Poetry Friday.


A poetic sheep perhaps.


I can’t seamlessly combine Poetry Friday with Draw a Bird Day (today too) so this here is a hodge podge post (for a change *snort*).


A Doggy Villanelle


and a few recent birds

20160103_094342 20160105_193412~2 20160107_153921

Since the blog will be mostly sheep, anyone who still would like to see my paintings can see them on my Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter (@CathM_Johnson) and my Society6 shop. I’ve also got some on a page here on my blog.

Any ideas what would be a good little giveaway for those who sign up for my future newsletter? Tips for beginner artists? Sheep jokes? 😆

Thanks for reading. Happy creating!



Hammock Time



It’s time to slip on the flipflops, paint like there’s no tomorrow, laugh like a hyena and create some summer memories. Who’s with me?

I hereby declare a blogging break until September. 

Let the rejuvenating begin. Have a wonderful summer everyone!



Y for York


Yukon Territory

Yatutsk, Yalikavak, Yellowknife, York

Yamoussoukro, Yinchuan, Yemen, Yap

Yerevan, Yaounde, Yekaterinburg,

Yangon, Yumen,


That didn’t seem to flow as good as X oh well. Funny I come from York and I live in the same country as the Yukon.

One of the  most interesting parts of York that you might not have heard about is The Shambles:

We used to run up the hill (usually covered with daffodils) Clifford’s Tower. It’s an easy place to go shopping.



Anyone been to any of the Y places?



The Happiness of Pursuit and A-Z Theme Reveal

images (2)

Anyone read this book? It’s so inspiring. It’s all about…


quests! Did you guess from my doodle? No? Really?

This book is about Chris’s quest to visit all the planet’s countries by age 35. The quest is not just the action it’s the deadline and the specific nature of the challenge.

Chris discovered that there are many other people taking up quests of their own so he wrote about them in this super book.

I wondered if writers were on a quest but it has to be more specific. You can also have a mini quest. For example in April I am going to do the A-Z Blog challenge. That’s a quest of sorts. There’s something you do every day and a deadline. One a Day is a mini quest too. But a real juicy quest has interesting challenges to it. Read the book and you’ll know what I mean. One guy lived his life like a computer game and ended up buying an island. Cool!


I was so inspired after reading it and it made me want to travel. Ronovan persuaded me to do the A-Z blogging challenge in April which I’ve never done before but always enjoyed the blogs from it.

My theme for A-Z is going to be vacation pictures. I sincerely hope there is something on each picture that relates to a letter of the alphabet. I’d better get my photos all ready before the 1st April 😉

So who’s up for doing the A-Z challenge then? And do consider reading Chris’s book. Turning everyday writerly things into mini quests is so much more adventurous!

Have a great day!


New Blog!


Welcome to my new blog everyone! Mucho thankso to my dear friend Julie for making this amazing header for me. Congrats, Julie on your cute elephant books too.


I’m going to start at two posts per week, Monday and Friday and Monday will be a prompt of some kind. So why not start with this cute rabbit.

Anyone got a poem for this cute bunny?

By the way, I found an amazing website with tonnes of videos about WordPress website. You actually only need to watch the first one. Here it is. They ask for your email address, but honestly I haven’t been bombarded at all. It’s so worth it if you are not very technical.

Have a great week!


2nd Blogiversary giveaway!!!

A big fat thank you to all my wonderful blogging friends. You’re the best! What would blogging be without you? Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s been an awesome year. I’ve had about 9 poems and 2 short stories published since my last blogiversary. Another poem is in a competition and will also be in a book; it’s such a silly one, I can hardly believe it. It’s boosted my confidence that short silly poems are the way to go 😉

Since Elephant and Giraffe have such a strong link to my writing, here’s the photo from last year’s blogiversary. Got to let my characters celebrate too 🙂

I have a great giveaway for you (I hope!). I hope that there’s a book here that takes your fancy. The Marian Keyes books are on the craft of writing. By the way if anyone would like a book of poems with one or two of mine in just say and I’ll put you in the draw for Pot Luck and Yarns for our Youth. See down the side bar for what they look like.

How to enter

  1. Leave a comment stating something you’d like to see more of (feel free to check my archives)
  2. Share this contest on Facebook and Twitter (using #giveaway)
  3. Leave your first and second choices for the book you would like.

The contest closes at 9p.m. CST on Friday 11th November. The winner will be announced next Monday. Good luck everyone!