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Summer Break

Wishing everyone a fab summer as colorful as this artwork. I’m going to have a blogging break. I’ll return in September. I’ll still post the art I make on Instagram. Have a good one!


Ripping paper and gluing it in a picture is so therapeutic. It’s like being 5 again at the kitchen table.

My sheep collages are very simple and I cut or rip the paper quite big compared to traditional collage. I find the magazine paper is too interesting to cut or rip small.  The more interesting the paper, the more unique your piece will be.

As you look through a magazine, look out for shapes similar to features in your subject. For example, table and chair legs are the perfect shape for sheep legs.

I prefer home furnishing magazines over gossip ones. Much more interesting colors and shapes.

Here’s a more traditional approach:

Isn’t that fantastic! A couple of great collagers on Instagram are @_xuan_yi and @p.m.demidora.

Happy collaging 🎨


Dolphin’s Passport #haiku

Here’s a couple more pages from the #artmarks30daychallenge:

There aren’t many marks on this, I was going for the minimalist look. Quite by accident it’s rather dreamy and looks a bit from outer space.

This one is completely different and looks like a dolphin’s passport or something. I feel a poem coming on.

Dolphin’s Passport


Enough nautical miles swum

For a stamp from every sucker

On an Octopus’s tentacle.


For those of you on Instagram, here’s a few cool art journalers to follow:







The next post will be about making your own stamps with things around the house.

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨




Creative friends

I accidentally reblogged Jill’s post to my old blog 😵 so please fly over and read it at Jill’s.



A Wild Celebration

This week is Irene Latham’s 10th blogiversary. Irene is a sweet lady who writes beautiful poetry.

I cherish two books of hers.



and Don’t Feed the Boy which is a great novel in verse about a boy at the zoo.

The theme of this celebration is Wild. See it’s even hidden in the title of her books 😉

After reading Matt’s great found poem it inspired me to do one too from an article in thriving family magazine.




Irene is an encourager of dreamers so this article seemed very fitting.


Read more wild celebrations at Irene’s blog. Happy Blogiversary, Irene!


#ShineaLight Dogs in Shelters


So the first story I find for #shinealight is a load of cute homeless puppies. 1,2,3 awh take me home!

Hearts Speak Inc is currently focused on helping to fundraise via artists drawing pictures of the dogs which highlights them and gives them a better chance of being bought. (So cool it is art related I didn’t mean for that to happen :))

Here is the tweet I saw:

HeARTs Speak@HeARTsSpeakOrg

Help us provide more shelter pets with a professional photo + increase their chances of adoption:

They had a Pinterest button so I snooped and they are part of CrowdRise an organisation that helps others. I need not search further for my #shinealight posts. They have a different Pinterest board for every cause they help. Neat!

Do check out their Pinterest board if you are on Pinterest and start a #ShineAlight board. Here is mine.

#shinealight is already established on Twitter but I am using it to promote my upcoming lighthouse poetry book for kids. If you would like to shine a light on a good cause or great folks who are championing a good cause, then please join in on Mondays.

I am hoping the collection will be ready by about February/March. I probably won’t cover this every Monday or there’ll be no stories left for anyone else to cover 😉 so I’ll throw in a picture poetry prompt in between from time to time. Hannah has been painting up a blast!

Speaking of Hannah’s paintings, I’ll be throwing it out to you guys which lighthouse will be on the cover. I’m hoping it’s Hannah’s but I’ll play with it a bit more before I show you.

Let your light shine today! Any cute dog poems?


http://catherinemjohnson.com @CathM_Johnson Catherine_mrsj@hotmail.com


Not So Accidental Blog Tourist Hop

untitled (2)

Thanks to Nata Romeo (pictured) for tagging me in the Not-so-accidental blog tourist hop started by Crystal Collier


Nata Romeo a.k.a ArtistaDonna, is the author and illustrator of her first children’s book titled Alphabet Wildlife A to Z.
Originally from Toronto, Canada, she now brews and sprinkles her art and stories from the Philadelphia skies. She dreams that her work gets swept up and tangled into a massive storm front so that her world can travel across the universe and beyond.

Facebook Twitter     Blog Goodreads Website

So these are the questions:

1. What am I currently working on?

I am about to launch a Zombie poetry collection for ages 7 and upwards. I am working on a Weirdo Zoo 2 (but I fancy a better title, maybe Even Weirder Zoo) and I have a new idea for a collection that is a bit more girly and by the sea and led more by the pictures than the poems (so far). It’s my most creative yet, so I’m super excited about it. Snail anyone?

2. How does my work differ to others of the same genre?

I’m learning and growing all the time so my work will probably change a lot. Going forward I’ll try not be too edgy so I have to push the age range up. I’d like to write for everyone.

3 Why do I write/create what I do?

My answer is probably the same as everyone else’s. I can’t not write at this stage. It’s like living your dream every day.

4 How does your writing process work?

Depends what stage I’m at and whether or not something is holding me back. It’s amazing how reliant we are on technology. We’ve had a virus on the p.c. and I still manage on my Windows tablet and phone and love the flexibility of it. Now I’ve been drawing a little while, the zombie collection was half drawn before the poems were written which is new for me. I usually think I need the poem first. When the kids are in school I do as much writing/drawing as I can and often try and read blogs first thing in the morning which makes the school run even more fun 😉 I’ve talked about my process before so I won’t bore you further.

So that’s about it and I am passing over to the following friends who will post next Monday 18th. There bios may have been tampered with. I have no idea 😉

Freeda Baker-Nichols a fellow poet who blogs here.

Freeda Baker Nichols was born in Arkansas, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. She is the fearless Leader of the Ozark clan, fighting off the enemy with one arm and penning beautiful sonnets in the other. From her homeplace on Banner Mountain, as a young girl she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and anthologies. She is the author of two children’s books, a poetry chapbook, and a novel, “Call of the Cadron,” published in 2012.

Julie Rowan-Zoch a fellow artist and writer who eats jelly beans all day and is three parts minion is heiress to the Rodin museum upon condition that she has her own sculpture done and put in the museum. Julie draws in her sleep and plays badminton all day fuelled up on jelly beans. She also blogs here.


And Yvette Carol who may not be available for this blog hop as it interferes with her latest excavation dig in Egypt. She also blogs here.


Yvette is that you?

Anyone else want to pass the blog hop torch on to their buddies?

Have a great week!


Catherine Johnson is the author/illustrator of two poetry books for children, Weirdo Zoo and The Everglades. Zompoemz coming soon






A Right Bird’s Nest


Spring is here and nature is coming out to play and nesting all over the place.


Bird’s aren’t fussy where they put their nests, as long as it’s quiet and they won’t be disturbed (much like a writer ;))

The bird in the next photo really has my admiration for ingenuity. Can you guess what her nest is made from?

The roof of the kids’ playhouse!

It was just hanging there all weathered and ripped already. Clever birdy!


Would Boris at Weirdo Zoo have been so bright?


Are donkeys as bright as birds?

What do you think Edmund Pickle Chin ?

Have a bird’s nest of a weekend!


Sprong! – A poem

Image courtesy of Ventrilock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

by Catherine Johnson

Brains toasted
Wallet roasted
Vidiot resting
Big vest on
Big test wrong
Lights not on
This isn’t Spring
it’s sprong!

As soon as my brain is working again I shall divulge as much helpful info as possible on how to go from a WordPress blog to self-hosted without going to a mental institution 😉 Though I have to say customer support at Bluehost (where you get your web hosting and domain from) and MOJO Marketplace (where you get your themes) has been outstanding.

Get me some Spring! I want to get outside. Have you been sprong this week?


Kim and the Beansprout

Susanna is hosting another fab writing contest. This time it is a fractured fairytale and can be about a season.

Here’s mine:

Kim and the Beansprout

Kim and his family had their usual dinner of plain rice.

The neighbour came around with a plate of bean sprouts, some of which fell off the plate as she hurried over with her offering.

Kim went to bed early, sad for his dad because he had lost his job.

The next morning was Carnival day. Kim’s family were not in Carnival mood but they went outside to watch anyway.

During the busy day a strange thing happened. Kim noticed a giant beanstalk growing up to the sky.

Kim scrambled up to see if riches awaited him. Instead a giant komodo dragon breathed fire at him.

Kim dropped down the beanstalk. “Dad! There’s a Komodo dragon!”

His dad had a great idea! They could they lure the dragon down the bean sprout?

Kim smelled a nearby trader’s food. “Delicious!”
“I can lure the dragon with tasty food,” he told his dad. So Kim borrowed a tray of dumplings and took it half way up the bean sprout.

The dragon sniffed and looked, but he didn’t like dumplings.

So Kim slid the tray of dumplings back onto the vendor’s stall.

Just then, the Chinese Dragon danced by. Kim grabbed his dad’s arm and soon they were underneath the dragon heading towards the bean sprout.

Kim’s plan worked, the komodo dragon was quite smitten with the Chinese Dragon and especially enjoyed her dancing. He scrambled down the bean sprout and Kim and his dad leapt out and wrapped the Chinese dragon around the komodo dragon, capturing it.

“Dad, the dragon can protect our bean sprout and in return we get bean sprouts for life and a magical experience for passing tourists. We can charge people to climb the bean sprout and ride on the dragon.”

Dad had already been looking at dragon meat recipes. His lips were already salivating.
“Please dad, I think I’m a vegetarian.”

They became very famous with their bean sprout and dragon until Mama dragon popped her head through the clouds.

See here for all the prize details and to read all the entries. Sorry to clutter your inbox but I’m back tomorrow with a parrot for PPBF. Have a great day!