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Black Bean and Headphones Sheep

Black bean sheep of the family
Does her own thing.
Headphones block out the dissent.

Be the Black Sheep


Are you the black sheep in your family?

I might be. Let’s embrace it and do something crazy.

I’m currently researching getting a shop for my art on Etsy. Not even getting one first then researching. Actually being professional. Well, as professional as I get.

All those small paintings I did on wood are no good because they are too thick for light packet mail. You’ve got extra things to consider living in Canada. You stateside artists are lucky. I pretty much have to keep postage as low as everyone else and put extra cost onto price of painting. That makes me wonder if mine are good enough.

Some great advice which I was starting to think of anyway is to find someone doing what you want to do and see how they did it.

On Etsy everyone has a page of their policies. I learned a bunch yesterday just reading one of them so I’m going to read more today. For example I’d never heard of a certificate of authority. Some artists send them out every time with a painting.

I also need some eye hooks and wire for the back of my canvases.

It’s exciting being a black sheep. Learn something new and don’t be afraid to switch things up.

Have a great day!