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Torn Paper Collage Artist: Dawn Macioca

Maybe it’s time to go smaller with the ripping.

Take more time.

Get more materials.

Be more intricate.

Try a ram?

Try a barn?


This is great inspiration:

It’s not really pool side friendly but it is deck friendly (if you clean up afterwards). The craziest place I’ve brought glue paper and scissors is my old car. Compared to painting you have to be careful of the wind. I’ve had bits of paper fly.

Happy collaging!

Closed and Open Paintings

I was just reading yesterday about closed and open pictures. I hope I get this the right way around.

An open picture has objects touching the sides as if there is more going on beyond the page.

I have made lots of designs for Society6 out of one big painting. Those individual designs are all examples of an open painting.

I think I prefer them like this.

This is the whole painting:

Which do you like best? Did you know about open and closed paintings?

Here’s another example:

And here are the open ones:

See if you can make more pictures with one big one. Happy creating! 🎨


The Cross Abstract

I can’t seem to give up eating chips for lent but it seems like an omen that I just happen to read about the cross technique at the beginning of lent. I can do that yay. Cheating a bit but hey ho.

This is a great book for tips about abstract art:

I noticed a couple of techniques I haven’t tried yet. The cross, the L shape and the triangle.

Until Easter I’ll experiment with the cross then move on to the L shape.

Here’s two I did last night watching the Leafs lose:

I love the overlap of color you get with pastels compared to painting.

Now imagine using other themes like sheep! You could have the details of the face in the middle of the cross area. Sounds ambitious. We’ll see.

Check out this amazing artwork by ZacherFinet:


This shape would look great in collage too, either completely abstract or a road between fields perhaps.

What would you draw in this shape?

Happy creating!


Layering and Patience

I love red but there wasn’t enough contrast. You couldn’t make out the circles so I got out the pink. Very unusual color choice for me.

Shaking my virtual maracas in celebration that I didn’t ruin it as I so often do.

Here it is finished:

It is way more fun to start a few paintings at the same time and build up in layers. Have fun guessing which one you’ll finish first.

Tip: Use same color in different ways in different paintings and wait for it to dry before adding new colors. (I wasn’t doing that before, hence all the brown).

Which do you like best red or pink version? I promise not to cry 😜


Anyone tried layering? Happy creating! 🎨


Ewe Knews Cartoon Sheep

Hi folks!

Thanks for all the well wishes. Unfortunately they cancelled it at the last minute. It is now going to be in December right before my son’s birthday. So he has gone off to Europe to a big meeting he goes to this time of year. And I’ve got a birthday party to bring forward aargh!

Sheep news today is rather funny and who knew sheep could swim. Over to Acton news.


Local news is that I’m practising cartoon sheep to make some of my art a bit jollier and potentially for kids’ bedroom walls. We’ll see!

I did some research and copied a few I liked.

It’s funny how straight away there’s some styles I like and some not so much.

I wonder if you could mix cartoon sheep with a mixed media canvas. In Friday’s post I’ll demonstrate a couple of mixed media canvases I’m working on. I know Jill is great at mixed media. She inspires me every day.

Happy creating!




For day 4 of the #artchallenge I picked from my growing collection of things to paint and chose goose.

I recently went wild at Michaels in the sale and now have an abundant stack of canvases to go at. I just had to try a black one first. I even did a background!


It really does look better on a screen.

I’m not sure about the abstract foreground now. The middle part might need tweaking to make it look further away.

I used some gesso and it started cracking so this is kjust a practise piece. It would be great if I could get prints out of it though. It looks like the local printers don’t do artist prints but I found a website in Canada that does called Reproducing Art.

We seem to have a lot of diseases or pending diagnoses at the moment. Even Sandy has lyme disease 😞. My sister had knee surgery yesterday. No quadrathlons for her until next year. Lazy girl lol. It makes me feel like painting even more. You just don’t know how long you’ve got.

So that I don’t end on a sad note. Just imagine what a fun time I’m having trying to collect a urine sample from Sandy. 😧 Imagine needing it from a horse yikes! 😂


Happy creating!





Back to One a Day

After watching this great video by Gary Bolyer about selling your art, I have decided to get back to my daily sheep.


What a great guy Gary is doing all these videos to help artists.


Since I am doing Kat Apel’s Month of Poetry in our group on Facebook it would be nice to share a poem on a Friday here and join in with Poetry Friday.


A poetic sheep perhaps.


I can’t seamlessly combine Poetry Friday with Draw a Bird Day (today too) so this here is a hodge podge post (for a change *snort*).


A Doggy Villanelle


and a few recent birds

20160103_094342 20160105_193412~2 20160107_153921

Since the blog will be mostly sheep, anyone who still would like to see my paintings can see them on my Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter (@CathM_Johnson) and my Society6 shop. I’ve also got some on a page here on my blog.

Any ideas what would be a good little giveaway for those who sign up for my future newsletter? Tips for beginner artists? Sheep jokes? 😆

Thanks for reading. Happy creating!



#BeWoW K. Ryan Henisey




I was first attracted to Ryan site by all the ‘getting kids to sleep’ talk. That suckers me right in. Ryan is an award winning artist and his stories are adorable. He is so good at night time stories. They are sweet and gentle with beautiful watercolor illustrations. Here’s one we’ve read and enjoyed:


I’m curious now what his monster book is like since my two get scared at night by themselves thinking about monsters. Thanks to watching Monsters Inc. And I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even buy it for them, the previous car owner left it in the dvd player. It is a great movie don’t get me wrong, it’s just that it might have been the first influence to let them know anything about scary things in closets. I wonder if this book will reverse the issue.


Head on over to Ryan’s blog and check out his amazing artwork and books.

Thanks for being wow Ryan.


Join in #BeWoW at RonovanWrites.


Have a great day!

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#MoP15 Day 20: Tiger


I hope I don’t scare anyone with this doodle/sketch of Tiger Stare by Kendall Kessler using Hannah’s light box. Sincerest apologies to Kendall. Look at the eyes they are not supposed to be that close together oh well.

Tiger Stare was my birthday present from my mum and I love it! The colours are out of this world. Kendall is so talented I could buy half her stash of paintings, honestly. I need a P.O.Box in the states.

The sketch is for One a Day and this poem is for MoP:

Tiger Stare

Stare and glare,

Flare bright,

Care and bare,

Rare sight.

Tiger stare.

Catherine Johnson, 2015.

I wrote two and this was the best of them, sorry lol.

Anyone painted a tiger recently?

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