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Acrostic Poem: Texture

X with a sewing machine
ools from all around
Use your imagination
ules out of the window
Enjoy experimenting.

This seems to sum up the pearls of wisdom in the art books I’ve read recently.

One specific learning activity was to take a reference photo and mark on your paper the general shapes and turn it into something. I love that idea!

You could use any style, medium etc.

It sounds like a great learning tool to get out of doing the same thing over and over.

Happy creating! 🎨


Left dangling or
Free to swing and play
The perspective is yours.


Let’s play!
Happy creating 🎨

P.s. I can’t wait to share the commission I’m working on.


Creative Challenges

It’s a new year

Time for some new ideas!

As if by magic my browsing stumbled across a most magnificent mixed media artist this morning.

Rae Missigman

She just happens to be starting an art marks challenge today.

It sounds fun, easy and creative. Anyone fancy that? Check out her website it is full of creative goodies.

Maybe this year I will blog about challenges I find or even make up a challenge myself.

For example stamping using kids’ stamps might be a fun one.

I like the idea of setting a timer. The urgency might make the pictures a bit crazy. 😝

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨