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Beach House Paintings

Today I handed over 6 paintings for my friend’s beach house. It was pretty nerve-wracking doing so many and not wanting to mess them up.

Here’s what they looked like early on:

And left aside for a bit they were then ready for a bit of a makeover:

I’d never tried painting or even drawing flip flops before. I accidentally made the top half too wide. They might just haunt me lol.

Specialist Feet Flip Flops

Whose feet are they
That fit snug in such ghastly shoes?
Surely one ought to cover such magnificent beasts more profoundly.
A sneaker, Sir? Would do the trick.
You suggest not I.
But why?
May we not all run wild and free?
With feet as such
One might have other more pressing oddities to cast the eye over.
Just do not cast eyes.
Keep your eyes uncasted
Encased in sun shades
Always looking up.

Catherine Johnson

What an odd poem from the recesses of my mind. Anyone else got a flip flop poem?

Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

Just when I was whizzing through emails trying to find who it was who put acrylic on watercolor paper, I stumble across Laura putting acrylic and watercolors on watercolor paper. (I love that yellow!) I’m surrounded by adventurous artists!

So I had a little go at acrylics too and now I want to try it with watercolor too 😀
I really liked this but as soon as I started adding warm colors it changed completely.
Since this painting, I’ve noticed if I pick cool or warm first then just add small amounts of the opposite opposite and it doesn’t go too crazy.

You can go as crazy as you like at the weekend!

Catherine 💙🎨