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Wool Sheep

Joyce was fresh from the hairdressers
And ready to rock ‘n roll.

Dallying with textiles in canvases, I was nervous about putting so many holes in the canvas but it was fun.

Anyone dabbled in embroidery or mixed media like this? I wonder what a big woolly green hedge would look like.

Happy creating!

The Cross Abstract

I can’t seem to give up eating chips for lent but it seems like an omen that I just happen to read about the cross technique at the beginning of lent. I can do that yay. Cheating a bit but hey ho.

This is a great book for tips about abstract art:

I noticed a couple of techniques I haven’t tried yet. The cross, the L shape and the triangle.

Until Easter I’ll experiment with the cross then move on to the L shape.

Here’s two I did last night watching the Leafs lose:

I love the overlap of color you get with pastels compared to painting.

Now imagine using other themes like sheep! You could have the details of the face in the middle of the cross area. Sounds ambitious. We’ll see.

Check out this amazing artwork by ZacherFinet:


This shape would look great in collage too, either completely abstract or a road between fields perhaps.

What would you draw in this shape?

Happy creating!


Beach House Paintings

Today I handed over 6 paintings for my friend’s beach house. It was pretty nerve-wracking doing so many and not wanting to mess them up.

Here’s what they looked like early on:

And left aside for a bit they were then ready for a bit of a makeover:

I’d never tried painting or even drawing flip flops before. I accidentally made the top half too wide. They might just haunt me lol.

Specialist Feet Flip Flops

Whose feet are they
That fit snug in such ghastly shoes?
Surely one ought to cover such magnificent beasts more profoundly.
A sneaker, Sir? Would do the trick.
You suggest not I.
But why?
May we not all run wild and free?
With feet as such
One might have other more pressing oddities to cast the eye over.
Just do not cast eyes.
Keep your eyes uncasted
Encased in sun shades
Always looking up.

Catherine Johnson

What an odd poem from the recesses of my mind. Anyone else got a flip flop poem?




Such is my love for oil paints, I have to break from doodlewashes for a teensy bit to knock some out.

It’s P.E. day tomorrow which means a long weekend with the kids so I’m going to slowly roll out the three or four paintings I did last night. That should tide me through.

None of them were a bit technical so I can’t really say what I did. I think my best advice is relax and have fun with it.

I always like to have an idea of colors before starting, but that’s about it. It’s fun to look back and see how far you’ve come but it’s even more fun and adventurous to realise you have a long way to go. Who wants an adventure to be over quickly. It’s fun to learn new things.

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨💙

p.s. completely unrelated I bought some 5lb wrist and ankle weights today. I hope I can wear them in the pool, preferably without drowning. 😲

p.p.s Continuing the quote challenge Monday. Breaking the chain naughty me.



5 words

  • PicsArt_05-05-12.19.20




Just when I said I’d stick to pencil the paints come out. Consistent is not my name 😉

It’s March Break next week so I’m going to have a blogging break and when I come back I’m going to try twice a week blogging.

I’ve got a wild idea to write some personification poems to go with my animal sketches and put them in a book.

I’m super inspired every day by the wonderful artwork around the blogs, on Twitter and Instagram. Here’s an abstract I did after browsing some abstracts on Instagram:

20160308_211610I’m not 100% sure I’ve finished with it.

On the Etsy front, I can’t wait to get a new printer and make my own prints. I probably should have done that before I opened it – oh well.

Dare greatly and paint wildly!