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Wool Sheep

Joyce was fresh from the hairdressers
And ready to rock ‘n roll.

Dallying with textiles in canvases, I was nervous about putting so many holes in the canvas but it was fun.

Anyone dabbled in embroidery or mixed media like this? I wonder what a big woolly green hedge would look like.

Happy creating!



Such is my love for oil paints, I have to break from doodlewashes for a teensy bit to knock some out.

It’s P.E. day tomorrow which means a long weekend with the kids so I’m going to slowly roll out the three or four paintings I did last night. That should tide me through.

None of them were a bit technical so I can’t really say what I did. I think my best advice is relax and have fun with it.

I always like to have an idea of colors before starting, but that’s about it. It’s fun to look back and see how far you’ve come but it’s even more fun and adventurous to realise you have a long way to go. Who wants an adventure to be over quickly. It’s fun to learn new things.

Happy creating!

Catherine 🎨💙

p.s. completely unrelated I bought some 5lb wrist and ankle weights today. I hope I can wear them in the pool, preferably without drowning. 😲

p.p.s Continuing the quote challenge Monday. Breaking the chain naughty me.



5 words

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#artchallenge 5/5

Am I on day 5? I can’t remember.

Anyway it seems fun to alternate between animals and abstracts. It was a fun challenge. I invite all of you to try it too.

Here’s an abstract in acrylics:

20160302_114029~2It seems way easier to do abstracts in acrylics.

For the rest of March I’m going to try pencil and practise shading. I’ll use some family photos.

Anyone fancy doing that with me?

Happy creating!





One a Day: Abstract Curls


Feeling curly

How about you?