Squashed in the Middle


It’s Perfect Picture Book Friday time!

Squashed in the Middle written by Elizabeth Winthrop and illustrated by Pat Cummings.

Henry Holt and Company, LLC, July 2005, Fiction

Suitable for: 5 – 9

Themes/Topics: Being the middle child, exclusion, being different, assertiveness, identity, sleepovers.

Daisy was squashed right in the middle of her noisy family.
She had one older sister and one younger brother.

Daisy is upset that nobody listens to her, even when she tells them she’s having a sleepover at her friend’s house. Everyone is busy doing their own thing until they wonder where she is. Curiosity leads everyone to listen.

Activities: Elizabeth Winthrop provides some book related activities here.

The message of the story and the fun twists are wonderful and the illustrator used watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil and pastels. Isn’t that great? Gouache is next on my experimenting list.

Be nice to middle children and get painting! Hands up any middle children. Check out more Perfect Picture Books on Susanna Hill’s blog.