Tree poem


Climb a tree

Lean against one

Walk beneath one

Be the tree.



Have a great weekend!


Going Scruffy

This was a mix of scribbly oil pastels and scribbly digital art. I seem to be really going off paintbrushes so I’ll have to try my hand at pouring paint and mix it with oil pastels or something.

I was a naughty mum the other day. Matthew has been waiting and waiting for a fidget spinner for the longest time (hold up at Canada Post) so when I got a package I didn’t unpack it. I thought it was the fidget spinner and let him open it after school. Big oops he was so disappointed. It was my lino that I finally ordered for my big plank of wood. I’m going to make stamps (If I dare use the tools after slicing my finger open last time).

Note to self: Secretly open package and glue back together when I’m sure lol. p.s. He used his own money to buy something similar from the shop. It’s a cube with things to move on it.

So next week I shall show you guys some new stamps. For now I am beavering away at the kitchen cabinets that we are repainting. Five stages of work for each one. No wonder I’m in a scribbly mood. What mood are you in?

Happy Creating!


Child’s Play

I forgot to take pictures of some artwork the kids from down the street did.

The important thing is they left huge globs of bright paint around.

I cleaned it all up not wasting a morsel. What a quick and easy way to gain three more paintings. Three designs. Three splats that were not before. And now they be.

No paintbrushes needed just press the paper down and mop up.

There were one or two more that need some added extras for another day.

The good thing about this is you don’t need to fuss about composition or colors that match. Just play.

Happy creating!



David Carruthers and Princess Leia

Hi folks,

This is one of those strange days where I spend most of my time at school watching a book talk. We even go back tonight to do book swap.😊

I’ve only seen two book talks in my life but three’s the charm with this guy. He has kid participation off to a tee and is so encouraging.

He kept talking about doing what you love despite the push backs and he was so active doing basketball tricks, card tricks and role play.

Have you heard of ‘There’s a T-Rex in My Bathtub’ that’s one of his.



I squeezed some art in around the talks:

I can’t find him on Twitter and he was too busy to get to talk to him but he said he was leaving his social media links with teachers.

Anyway he is a great pioneer of following your dreams so keep dreaming and doing folks.

Happy creating!


Sheep Color Run

Does Milly look like she’s been in a color run. Here’s some hummingbirds flying for a good cause 😜

And here’s me at a real color run:

Throw caution or paint to the wind today


A Dalliance with Watercolors

Charlie has another round of prompts for May for texture in watercolors and it was a great excuse to get the watercolors out after a very dry spell. I didn’t do glossy for today’s prompt but I did stumble across a great example of glossy in portraits:

Here’s the list of prompts:

Do join in!

Happy creating!


Portrait of a Legend

On May 1st 1994, I was out half the day at an open karate competition. Being from Tae Kwon-Do where you can only do touch contact it was going to be a tough competition. It was the first competition my grandma came to watch and I pretty much had my nose broken. Great. Thanks for coming Grandma. All those easy wins and you couldn’t show up to those lol.

On the way home I was anxious to catch up with the Grand Prix. I don’t know why we didn’t set it to record. Now I’m glad we didn’t. As I sat on the couch the news came on and gave me the biggest shock of my life. The rest is history but even watching the first part of this video I have learned something I didn’t already know. Senna used to live in England. Fancy that.

Every year I think I’ll do his portrait and every year I think I can’t do it. This was my first attempt this year:

Doesn’t even resemble him.

And this is my second:

I’m hoping a book I’m reading called Sketching in 5 Minutes will help me. I’m determined to draw the Leafs next. Inspired as always by Jill who is doing great with portraits and Nora McPhail who rocks the cafe sketching.

I know there are guys out there who only paint cows and even only use one medium, say oils, but it really is good to experiment and broaden your skill set.
If Senna had retired and turned to art, I bet he would have learnt it all. He was a master of focus, passion and commitment. His legacy will forever live on.

R.I.P. Senna


Wild Flowers

The weekend is here
run wild and free
if only to the store
for milk

CJ :0)


Selling Art From Your Website

Hi folks,

I had a wild idea to sell art from my website. I am not techie at all so I went straight to YouTube and I only went and found a video about installing your Etsy shop to WordPress. Hmm. Not exactly what I was looking for but for now I’ll keep my options open. If you already have an Etsy shop have you considered this?:

There are loads of these if the sound is too low on this one.

A much more daring endeavour is to quit Etsy and simply add the Paypal button to your website. Really good tutorial for that here:

I’m going to think about if for a couple more days and then go for it. Like my crazy hair lol.

I’ve gone from this:

to this:

The roots were coming through and it wasn’t good. Too bad I kind of miss the blonde already.

So anyone else doing anything brave?

Happy creating!



Poem for the #Leafs