Sheep Collage

Hi folks!

Good news. The tooth was a baby tooth and filling was tiny. Lesson learned no harm done – phew!

I feel a new addiction coming on. Collage is like scrapbooking so I’m in heaven doing it. Don’t make me get out my scrapbooks lol.

I actually remembered to take pictures.

Maybe it’s easier to start with the background. I forgot you’re not supposed to put the main object in the centre. That’s true in photos. Is that true for pictures too?

Depending on how intricate you want it to look, keep an eye out for magazines with trees in. It was so handy to cover big spaces.

One suggestion for beginners is work from the top down because of overlap of paper.


Magazine papers
Scrapbook paper

Have a go it’s fun!

Happy creating! 🎨

Fillings before Feelings

Dolly was feeling easy breezy Valenteeny until someone brought up the dentist visit.

(Son has to have a filling in adult tooth today. Didn’t go down too well with the Ram. Time to put a poster up in bathroom.)

Everyone else is allowed chocolate today but brush your teeth after πŸ˜‰


Pouring Acrylics

After a few disasters in the pouring acrylic department, it’s time to pay more attention to how it’s done.

I found that when I tilted the canvas to swirl it only worked in one place and tilting more to get the rest to move just ruined the already swirled part. So I should watch a tonne of videos on how it’s done before I try it again. And learn when to stop messing with it 😲

Here is a great example with no tilting of the canvas.

Happy creating! 🎨


Your Imagination Rockets



Collage and Paint

Kudos to experienced collagers, getting the tones right between objects is really hard. If it’s too busy you can’t tell where the wool ends and the grass starts.

I promise next time to keep the colors separate and use paper throughout. For now I added paint for the background and gave the wool a black edge. (A before shot would have been a good idea to show wouldn’t it. Oh well.)

Try this with any subject. Happy creating! 🎨



Left dangling or
Free to swing and play
The perspective is yours.


Let’s play!
Happy creating 🎨

P.s. I can’t wait to share the commission I’m working on.


Zoom In Zoom Out

Zoom in
Color pops
Shapes embrace

Zoom out

Shapes stand awkward.

Is it even finished?


Perspective is everything. I skipped reverse it seemed too hard. I saw someone else’s and thought wow that’s amazing.

I’m finding a month too long for challenges. A week is good and a day, well that’s just badass lol.

Today I challenge you to zoom in then zoom out in whatever you do.

Happy creating! 🎨



Blank Canvas

A blank canvas means your head is full of worries and news.
Let the color flow and the worries go.

Dad inspired this one with his world news report. Thanks, dad. It is important to be well informed though. There’s some brave people out there when they’ve lost hope in anyone helping them.

I have lots of blank canvases for a commission from a friend. Exciting and scary. I’ll at least get a sandy colored base down on one of them today.

I haven’t done my artmarks30daychallenge today. Tick tock!

Happy creating 🎨



Ripping paper and gluing it in a picture is so therapeutic. It’s like being 5 again at the kitchen table.

My sheep collages are very simple and I cut or rip the paper quite big compared to traditional collage. I find the magazine paper is too interesting to cut or rip small. Β The more interesting the paper, the more unique your piece will be.

As you look through a magazine, look out for shapes similar to features in your subject. For example, table and chair legs are the perfect shape for sheep legs.

I prefer home furnishing magazines over gossip ones. Much more interesting colors and shapes.

Here’s a more traditional approach:

Isn’t that fantastic! A couple of great collagers on Instagram are @_xuan_yi and @p.m.demidora.

Happy collaging 🎨



Undercover sheep
Missed the mark

I intended to add sheep but they were rubbish and I have a renewed enthusiasm for splatters.

Maybe the sheep will come back in the Spring πŸ‘. Or I’ll stick to charcoal sketches of them. Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

Happy creating!
Catherine 🎨