David Carruthers and Princess Leia

Hi folks,

This is one of those strange days where I spend most of my time at school watching a book talk. We even go back tonight to do book swap.😊

I’ve only seen two book talks in my life but three’s the charm with this guy. He has kid participation off to a tee and is so encouraging.

He kept talking about doing what you love despite the push backs and he was so active doing basketball tricks, card tricks and role play.

Have you heard of ‘There’s a T-Rex in My Bathtub’ that’s one of his.



I squeezed some art in around the talks:

I can’t find him on Twitter and he was too busy to get to talk to him but he said he was leaving his social media links with teachers.

Anyway he is a great pioneer of following your dreams so keep dreaming and doing folks.

Happy creating!


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