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The Cross Abstract

I can’t seem to give up eating chips for lent but it seems like an omen that I just happen to read about the cross technique at the beginning of lent. I can do that yay. Cheating a bit but hey ho.

This is a great book for tips about abstract art:

I noticed a couple of techniques I haven’t tried yet. The cross, the L shape and the triangle.

Until Easter I’ll experiment with the cross then move on to the L shape.

Here’s two I did last night watching the Leafs lose:

I love the overlap of color you get with pastels compared to painting.

Now imagine using other themes like sheep! You could have the details of the face in the middle of the cross area. Sounds ambitious. We’ll see.

Check out this amazing artwork by ZacherFinet:


This shape would look great in collage too, either completely abstract or a road between fields perhaps.

What would you draw in this shape?

Happy creating!

Ewe News


Time for our weekly segment, Ewe News.



  • “First up in Ewe News is Catherine has sold her first art print of a sheep from her Etsy shop, Drips and Sploshes to a buyer in England all whilst she was jumping in a leaf pile with her kids. Those English love their sheep.”


  • “There is a great new resource for artists by our blogging friend, Sofieshowing us how to promote your art.  I think you have to be a newsletter subscriber to get the password.”
  • “Wrapping up the news today are a few noisy sheep and goats with their bleating in a muddle. Whatever are they trying to say?

I’ll do a collage tutorial on Friday. Hopefully some supplies arrive by then. Have a great week!
Catherine 🎨


Baa! 2


Scottish sheep. The nose was upside down. It looks a bit weird now.

Talking of weird…

Did you like that? I went looking for some Scottish sheep art and found that lol.



WIN_20151123_171650WIN_20151123_171121WIN_20151123_171053wpid-20151123_224640.jpgInspiration moose (book by Annie Hemstock and Gail Saunders-Smith)

Sketch without looking at paper (I did look at the moose)

Earlier sketch in notebook. I might play around with these in Corel Paint.

Work in progress of moose in  watercolors.

And some moose art practice for kids and adults. I might try this myself.


Happy creating!


Tree Frog finished


I only did a bit more on this. The reference picture wasn’t as bright as other tree frog pics. I do fancy doing a brighter version of the same picture in oils.

Do you think this would be good as a doodlewash? I daren’t put ink on it.

I did however play with backgrounds

Want to know about tree frogs?


Grandma Sheep & Kiwis Voting


I fancy developing this Grandma sheep, maybe try a digital version.  tweaked the background a bit with PicsArt app.

Want to know how New Zealanders vote? 😉

P.s. I didn’t even notice this stayed as a draft yesterday. Oops!


Remembrance Day Art









Rat for Day 26 of #drawlloween2015


wpid-20151026_0823502.jpg.jpegRat alert
Rat alert
Rat a tat tat alert




Less of a poem and more of an intro to an amateur horror movie 😉

I found some very clever rats. I don’t think the guinea pigs could do this


Bird Art & Poems


Birds are such graceful creatures. It must have been Teresa that got me into drawing them. Teresa draws the best birds I’ve ever seen:

birdTHere is a great resource for teachers about birds and poetry. Douglas Florian gets a mention, surprise, surprise.

Did you know there are two types of kiwi in New Zealand.


really funny parrot video:

And one more cuteness overload with a Blue footed booby (what a funny name) to brighten your day:



Onion Art


We’re going veggie here with our kids’ art today. Whiff, cry inducing onions are the paintbrush of choice today.

There’s onion Art:

and there’s onion art

Art In Red Onion Swan – Vegetable Carving Garnish:

And there’s borrow some young volunteers to do some art with onions for the first time:

 wpid-2015-06-07-17.24.07.jpg.jpegFun with onions

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Onion poem for adults (Ode to an Onion by Pablo Naruda)

And here’s one for kids and adults: (Franky the Onion and Garlic the Kid by Jeff Mondak)

Anyone got an onion poem just bursting to come out?