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tEwesday nEwes

Quiet and serene
Is this color scheme
Like the car we are buying
Though my son keeps on trying
‘Dodge Charger great price’

The price was the same
And it does seem a shame
Could we be so daring?
At the cars we were staring,
Ford Escape just nice.


If the garage with the Dodge had been any closer we would have been wild and got it but my car is on its last legs and we just didn’t have time to go out there last night especially having left my son at baseball. He got a lift home. With Phil going away today we made a quick decision and were sensible. I think I would have felt a right berk driving everywhere in a charger. I’ll probably regret it waah!

Would you drive a charger?

Do you think this sheep would drive a Dodge Charger?

Happy tEwesday!

A Sheep Tale

Ewegenie stared straight ahead not wanting to alarm her little lambs

but her senses were on high alert.

Gertrude was watching her, she just knew it.

Gertrude stood still as a statue, convinced Ewegenie couldn’t see her.

Unfortunately she held her breath for too long and passed out in the pasture;

Woken later by the bleats of victory from Ewegenie.


(Where am I going with this lol) Does anyone know what happened next?

A couple of people asked about cards of this painting. They are available in my Society6 shop.

Happy creating!

p.s. I had to chop the top off the image for Society6. If I can find somewhere to scan it in I will swap the image. It’s way too big for my scanner.



Ewe News


Time for our weekly segment, Ewe News.



  • “First up in Ewe News is Catherine has sold her first art print of a sheep from her Etsy shop, Drips and Sploshes to a buyer in England all whilst she was jumping in a leaf pile with her kids. Those English love their sheep.”


  • “There is a great new resource for artists by our blogging friend, Sofieshowing us how to promote your art.  I think you have to be a newsletter subscriber to get the password.”
  • “Wrapping up the news today are a few noisy sheep and goats with their bleating in a muddle. Whatever are they trying to say?

I’ll do a collage tutorial on Friday. Hopefully some supplies arrive by then. Have a great week!
Catherine 🎨


Orange Sheep!


Let’s start the week with some fun shall we? I heard a very interesting story about a farmer who was fed up getting his sheep stolen so he dyed them all orange. (I didn’t say it was a happy story 😛 )

Here is the scoop if you are so inclined to check it out.

If you were a sheep would you be happy with that? I’m on the shelf at the moment. It would be funky for a day or two. At least get them some shades.

After a bit of investigating it seems that orange sheep are not so rare. Scotland has some for show purposes:


But those two examples are ( I believe) from being sprayed orange. There is actually an orange breed of sheep. This short video explains where they get the color from.

They look amazing! I want to paint them.

There’s even an orange pom pom sheep craft you can do with kids.


Let me know if you ever spot an orange sheep. Take a picture!

Happy creating!

Catherine 🙂